What Are the Mail.com IMAP Settings?

Looking for the Mail.com IMAP server settings? IMAP, or Internet Access Mail Protocol allows you to access your emails anywhere because they are kept on a server, and not on your personal computer, for example. Premium IMAP server settings for accessing Mail.com messages and folders in any email program or service are:

Mail.com IMAP Settings

  • Mail.com IMAP server address: imap.mail.com
  • Mail.com IMAP user name: Your full Mail.com email address (example@mail.com, for instance)
  • Mail.com IMAP password: Your Mail.com password
  • Mail.com IMAP port: 993 (alternative: 143)
  • Mail.com IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes (if you use port 143: no)

To send mail through a Mail.com account from any email program or service, see the

Mail.com POP access is a simple and reliable alternative to IMAP access.