What Are the Mail.com IMAP Settings?

Email Settings for Downloading Your Messages

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Looking for the Mail.com IMAP server settings? IMAP, or Internet Access Mail Protocol, lets you access and manipulate your emails from anywhere because they're saved and retrieved from the email server.

You can use these IMAP server settings to access your Mail.com messages and email folders from any email program or service.

Mail.com IMAP Settings

  • Mail.com IMAP server address: imap.mail.com
  • Mail.com IMAP user name: Your full Mail.com email address (e.g. example@mail.com)
  • Mail.com IMAP password: Your Mail.com password
  • Mail.com IMAP port: 993
  • Mail.com IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes

Note: You can also use port 143 for the IMAP port, but if you do, TLS/SSL is not required.

Still Can't Connect to Mail.com?

The IMAP server settings are necessary for connecting to the Mail.com IMAP server, but they are not the only email server settings you need to fully utilize your Mail.com address.

If you can't send emails through your email client, it's most likely because you have the wrong (or missing) Mail.com SMTP server settings. SMTP settings are what provides the email client with the information it needs to send email on your behalf.

Another way to send email through your Mail.com account is via the Mail.com POP server settings. This is an alternative way to download your Mail.com emails, but it's not the most helpful since IMAP provides much greater flexibility to not only access all your emails from anywhere but also manipulate them from anywhere and have them be reflected on all the other devices you're using to access your mail.

You can read more about POP and IMAP to see how they're different and what benefits and disadvantages they bring.