What Are the Differences Between Characters in Temple Run?


There are seven different characters you can play in Temple Run, including Guy Dangerous, the starting character. But if you think you can get an advantage on the leaderboards by unlocking one of the characters, think again.

There are absolutely no differences in characters in Temple Run other than the obvious cosmetic differences.

For the players trying to maximize their advantage, characters are best left unlocked until you unlock all of the power-ups.

You can also spend your money on single use utilities, which will do you more good than unlocking characters. But once you have the powerups unlocked, unlocking the characters can be a good goal to keep you going.

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The Different Temple Run Characters

  • Guy Dangerous: Guy is your average explorer. You begin the game with Guy Dangerous unlocked.
  • Scarlett Fox: Scarlett is a cunning escape artist. Collect 10,000 coins to unlock Scarlett Fox.
  • Barry Bones: Barry  is a city cop with an attitude. Collect 10,000 coins to unlock Barry Bones.
  • Karma Lee. Karma has the fastest legs in the Far East. Collect 25,000 coins to unlock Karma Lee.
  • Montana Smith: Montana is the second greatest explorer ever. Collect 25,000 coins to unlock Montana Smith.
  • Francisco Montoya: Francisco is a conquistador. Collect 25,000 coins to unlock Francisco Montoya.
  • Zach Wonder: Zach is a football star. Collect 25,000 coins to unlock Zach Wonder.

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    A Few Tips for Surviving in Temple Run

    • Don't worry too much about gold coins at the first of a run. They are worth more when you build up a good multiplier, so concentrate on surviving right at first.
    • Always keep your eyes on your next turn or obstacle. As you progress, the game gets faster.
    • Want to slow down? You can intentionally trip by running over a tree root, but the monkeys chasing you will catch up. Do it twice in a row and they will probably catch you.

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    Have You Tried Temple Run 2?

    In too many cases, sequels are a slightly worse version of the original that add improvements but somehow take away from the gameplay that made the original so great in the first place. Temple Run 2 gets it right by taking a more minimalist approach. The Temple Run we all love is still the core of the game, but the sequel adds better graphics, some new twists like zip lines and mine carts and characters that actually have their own special abilities. And like Temple Run, it is a great freemium game that doesn't make you feel like you need to spend money to win the game.

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