What are the AOL Mail POP3 Settings?

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Looking for the AOL Mail POP3 server settings?

The AOL Mail POP3 server settings for downloading mail from AOL Mail to any email program (or email service) are:

  • AOL Mail POP server address: pop.aol.com
  • AOL Mail POP user name: Your AOL Mail screen name (what precedes "@aol.com" in your AOL Mail address; if the address is me@aol.com, for instance, the screen name is "me")
  • AOL Mail POP password: Your AOL Mail password
  • AOL Mail POP port: 995
  • AOL Mail POP TLS/SSL required: yes

To send mail through your AOL Mail account from any email program, see the

Note that AOL Mail IMAP access is a flexible alternative to POP access.

For detailed instructions on setting up AOL Mail POP3 in your email program or service, see