What Are the AOL Mail POP3 Settings?

Access your AOL Mail from a different email service provider

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Even though AOL recommends you use its mail client or the AOL app to access your AOL email account, many users prefer to add it to another email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Windows 10 Mail, IncrediMail, or Mozilla Thunderbird, where they can send and receive AOL mail along with mail from other email providers. AOL supports both POP3 and IMAP email protocols. If you use POP3, when you add AOL to another email client, you need the POP3 settings to set up your account so you can receive your AOL email.

AOL Incoming POP3 Mail Configuration

To download mail from your AOL account to your email program, you need to enter the server settings for incoming mail. The AOL Mail POP3 server settings for downloading mail from AOL Mail to any email program or email service are:

  • AOL Mail POP3 server address is pop.aol.com.
  • AOL Mail POP username is your AOL Mail screen name, which precedes "@aol.com" in your AOL Mail address. If your address is me@aol.com, for example, your screen name is "me."
  • AOL Mail POP password is your AOL Mail password.
  • AOL Mail POP uses port 995.
  • AOL Mail POP TLS/SSL is required.

Outgoing Email Configuration

To send AOL mail from any email program, you also need AOL's SMTP server settings. They are the same as the POP3 settings except for:

  • AOL Mail outgoing mail server (SMTP) address is smtp.aol.com.
  • Outgoing mail uses SSL/TLS port 587.

To protect your privacy, enable SSL encryption for the incoming and outgoing mail server.

Follow the specific instructions for your device when adding a new email account.