Wendy Boswell

Wendy Boswell is a writer, speaker, and media commentator on the subjects of web search and how to live a more effective life online. She has worked closely as an online digital media consultant with several Fortune 500 companies, including the New York Times, Intel, IBM, and IAC; as well as several start-ups and local non-profits. Wendy has written exclusively for Lifehacker, Search Engine Journal, and Mashable, has been featured as a search engine expert by Poynter Online and PBS, and is regularly quoted in major media publications including Wired, TechSpot, Dr.Dobbs' Software, and Forbes. She is also a semi-regular guest on nationwide radio talk shows on topics such as Web search, the Deep Web, and cyber-security.


Wendy has a wide range of experience, anything from international program management to editor of a global IT practitioner blog to website design and digital branding for large corporations. Not only is she featured regularly in print and online publications, she's also been a semi-regular guest on several tech-focused radio programs and has also published a book titled The About.com Guide to Online Research: Navigate the Web--From RSS and the Invisible Web to Multimedia and the Biogosphere that is available at all major bookstores.


Wendy graduated from Oregon State University with honors. 

Wendy Boswell

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