8 Weird Mobile Game Spinoffs and Crossovers

Slashy Souls, and more weird mobile game spinoffs and crossovers

We live in a world that's perhaps more brand-centric and focused than ever before. Being off-brand for a company can be a disaster. Yet, somehow, there still seems to be so many opportunities for weird, and unusual things to happen in games. Maybe it's the inherent whimsicality of video games, and on mobile in particular, the smaller nature of games on the platform allow for more weird things to happen. Take Slashy Souls – Namco turned Dark Souls into an endless runner and literally called it Slashy Souls. But of course that only serves as a reminder that they partnered up with the Crossy Road developers to make Pac-Man 256 and add Pac-Man to Crossy Road. There's all sorts of weird releases, crossovers, and cameos that exist in the gaming world. And in honor of Slashy Souls, here's some of the most out-there crossovers.

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Slashy Souls

Slashy Souls
Bandai Namco

I would say that Dark Souls wouldn't work on mobile, but people have managed to beat Dark Souls with the Donkey Konga bongos. But for most people, a full Dark Souls would be tough to pull off on a touchscreen. So, we get this. Perhaps it's the fact that they called the game Slashy Souls, of all things, that makes it so odd. It is ultimately a promotional tie-in to preorder Dark Souls 3 at Gamestop, but it's kind of hilarious that this mobile version exists. 

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Galaga Tekken

Galaga Tekken
Bandai Namco

Namco, however, is no stranger to doing weird tie-ins to their licenses. Galaga Tekken might be one of the stranger ones, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Tekken by...replacing all the ships and enemies from Galaga by putting them in to the game. That's the joke, pretty much. It's otherwise a really solid game of Galaga! I'm not sure how or why this happened. But then again, this is the company that added a Galaga mini-game to Ridge Racer, and has always been about crossing the streams of their licenses, so maybe it's not a huge surprise. It's still quite the good shoot 'em up though.

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Danica Patrick in Sonic Racing

The Sega characters in this kart racer were wacky enough as it is. Who doesn't want to race through courses with Gilius Thunderhead, the axe-wielding dwarf from Golden Axe? But then they added in Wreck It-Ralph from the eponymous Disney movie. But then there's Danica Patrick, who is a living, breathing, real human being. And here she is racing against Ulala from Space Channel 5. I don't know how much weirder things could get.

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Puzzle and Dragons

Batman in Puzzle and Dragons

This may be the leader of the pack when it comes to unexpected crossovers in mobile games. The number of limited-time character crossovers is immense. Characters from Batman, Clash of Clans, and Hello Kitty all exist in the same game for limited amounts of time, and if you were on the ball to unlock them, you could have a team full of characters that should never exist together in the same universe. And they're all fighting dragons by completing puzzles. Crazy. 

Lego Dimensions Portal 2 Set
LEGO / Valve

You could put Lego Dimensions in the same category as Disney Infinity, sure. Star Wars characters and Marvel characters feels a bit odd to have in the same universe. But even though they're relatively recent acquisitions for Disney, they're still under the big corporate Disney umbrella, so it makes some kind of sense. Plus, Kingdom Hearts exists, and that combines Disney characters with Square Enix's characters and just general RPG storytelling weirdness. But Lego Dimensions takes it a step farther by combining all sorts of licenses and brands that have no business combining. Harley Quinn and the Ghostbusters interacting. Lord of the Rings and the Simpsons can play together. Doctor Who and Chell from Portal. Actually, that last one kind of makes sense, Chell's seen some stuff. She could be a good companion. But there's something that's so bizarre about all these different, unconnected licenses coming together to be playable in the same game world. It shouldn't exist, but yet it somehow does.

OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo
Cartoon Network

Mobile games based on cartoon series are nothing new. Mobile games based on unaired, once-leaked cartoon pilots? That's a new one. Mobile games that then lead to a Portland game jam for developers to make their own games with this intellectual property that's now being developed? We've entered strange territory. This might be a popular franchise someday, but it will always have bizarre origins.

Lil Wayne Slots
Super Lucky Casino - Celebs

Yes, the prodigious rapper has a slots game based on him, only available for Android. And yes, it's an official game, not just a random ripoff that can pop up on Google Play. Why did this need to exist? Was there a huge crossover between slots games players and Lil Wayne fans? Maybe someone just thought it was a good idea and made it. Regardless, we live in a universe where this exists.

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Bardbarian Cameos
TreeFortress Games

This action-strategy game added in a few characters from other mobile games as unlockable units that you can fight with. The coolest one in my estimation is Octodad, the cephalopod father protagonist from Octodad: Dadliest Catch. He's outfitted with a horned helmet and a mace that he swings around. And you can deploy multiple Octodads at once, huzzah! Isaac and Meat Boy from The Binding of Isaac (the mobile release of which was in limbo) and Super Meat Boy make an appearance as well as the armored turtle from Shellrazer.