The Weirdest iPad Accessories You Can Actually Buy!

Weird, Odd, Strange and Downright Funny iPad Accessories

Have you ever wondered what potty training will look like in the future?  Or how a grandparent might come to visit without ever stepping on a plane?  Or perhaps you are just wondering if there exists an accessory that combines the functionality of an iPad stand with the comfort of a pillow...?  Welcome to the weird world of iPad accessories.  

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The 2-in-1 iPotty with Activity Seat

CTA Digital

Potty training in the 21st century has certainly taken on its own flair with the 2-in-1 iPotty. Now your toddler can sit to do his business (number 2 or number 1) while entertaining himself with an iPad.  And perhaps this one will work best if you get him his own iPad to take in there with him.  After all, who needs a magazine or a newspaper for toilet entertainment when an iPad is available?   And if you are looking to mix learning with training, check out these great apps for toddlers.

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Sonic Chair

Sonic Chair

Have you ever wanted a chair with a built-in iPad stand?  Of course, you have!  But the Sonic Chair isn't just a chair that can hold your iPad.  It's acoustically designed to give you the best possible sound for listening to music.  This could make it the ultimate way to relax.  Plus, it makes a great hiding spot when playing hide-and-seek.

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MOCET Communicator IP3092


Here's a handy feature Apple forgot while designing the iPad: A phone handset.  After all, if you want to place phone calls in style, you need an old-fashioned phone handset to do it.  The MOCET Communicator actually turns the iPad into a voice-over-IP (VoIP) handset capable of placing phone calls while using the iPad for other purposes, such as browsing the web or updating your Facebook status.  

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iCade Arcade Stand

 Who doesn't want their own coin-operated arcade?  Okay, maybe the iCade doesn't accept coins, but it will bring back those memories of playing PacMan and Asteroids and spending a quarter for each game.  The iCade dock includes an old-fashioned joystick and buttons, so you can get some authentic classic gaming.  

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Double Robot

What about turning your virtual presence into a real-life robot?  Double is an iPad stand on wheels, allowing you to cruise around an office and talk to people "in person" even if you are a thousand miles away.   It's actually a very cool concept, but considering the price tag, it's not something we'll see in every household anytime soon.  Which actually would be a little spooky, so that's probably a good thing.  

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TouchFire Keyboard

The keyboard that isn't a keyboard, this accessory is both odd and useful.  The Touchfire keyboard is a silicon pad that fits over the on-screen keyboard of your iPad and gives you a better tactile sensation while typing.  This is especially useful for touch typists who want to get the same sensation as when they use a 'real' keyboard.  When not in use, the Touchfire attaches underneath the smart cover via magnets.  You can read the full review of the Touchfire to find out more.