Weight Loss Tips Using the iPhone and iPod

iPhone Apps and Tools to Help You Lose Weight

Whether it's your New Year's Resolution or simply a commitment to health, whether you're looking to use 10 pounds or 50, the iPhone can help you meet your weight loss goals. Whether it's exercise apps or diet recipes or sports accessories, there are a number of ways the iPhone can help you lose weight (these tips apply to the iPod touch, too).

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Track Your Progress: Dieting Apps

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You may or may not want to go on a formal diet when you start on your weight loss plan, but something that I find useful in every project is to track what I'm doing. Whether that's trying to eat in more often, figuring out how I use my time, or balancing my checkbook, the more data I have, the easier it is to see what's working and what isn't. These diet apps can help you track your weight loss, plan meals, and grocery shop smarter.

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Eat Healthier: Recipe Apps

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Even if you're dieting, that doesn't mean you stop eating--just that you eat differently. Eating healthier foods, and learning how to cook healthier meals, can be important to weight loss. Mastering some new, healthy, delicious recipes may be key.


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Exercise: Running Apps

imapmyrun app

Exercise is important if you want to lose weight and keep it off. One form of exercise that many people love is running. There are a ton of great running apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Nearly all of them track your routes, chart your progress, and provide motivational playlists. If you're going to be running, try one (or more) of these apps.

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Exercise: Cycling Apps

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If you're like me, the idea of running as exercise is pretty unappealing (not to mention something that conjures visions of sore knees and feet), while cycling seems terrific. Not only is cycling fun--who doesn't like to speed through neighborhoods or down bike paths?--it can be a great way to lose weight. Check out the GPS-integrated cycling apps for the iPhone to chart your routes and track your progress.

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Exercise: Working Out

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For some people, weight loss isn't just about dropping pounds, it's also about building muscle. If you're one of those people, check out the iPhone and iPod touch apps that provide workout routines and help you track your workouts.

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Exercise Tools: Nike +

nike + ipod kit
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This hardware/software combo accessory lets exercisers track their workouts as they happen, create workout-specific playlists, and upload their results to a website that tracks their progress. It's similar to running apps, but also includes a hardware piece that slips into certain Nike shoes. The US$30 item works with the 2nd generation iPod touch and up, the iPhone 3GS and newer, and the 5th generation iPod nano and newer.

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Stay Calm: Meditate

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How can meditation, which most certainly isn't exercise (for the body, at least), help you lose weight? It can cut stress, and stress-eating is one of the common causes of eating unhealthy food​ or more food than you'd planned. Even 15 minutes of meditation a day can help you learn to manage stress better. You'll get the most out of meditation if you meditate every day.

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Accessorize: Sports Cases

XtremeMac SportWrap iPhone Case
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If you're going to be using running, cycling, or fitness apps, that means your iPhone or iPod touch is going to be coming along with you when you exercise. In that case, you'll need some way to protect the device and comfortably keep it close to you. That's where an iPhone or iPod touch sports case comes in. There are dozens of models on the market, so pick the one that works best for your needs. Expect to spend $25-$45 on a good case.

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Have Fun: Make Playlists You Love

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Long workout sessions--especially runs or bike rides--can sometimes be a bit tedious, which can make sticking with an exercise routine harder. Make your workouts a little more enjoyable by creating playlists of music that you love and find motivating. (If you're cycling, though, be sure to only listen to music on rides where it's safe to do so; i.e., probably not when riding in the street, etc.)