Wedding PowerPoint Presentations

Create a Trip down Memory Lane for Special Events

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Many wedding receptions today show a looping PowerPoint presentation with old photos of the bride and groom and their antics, both before and after they met. These PowerPoint presentations for special events like weddings are very easy to make. Follow this guide to create a wonderful memory for the newlyweds and their guests.

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First: Make a Checklist

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You are eager and think you are all set to start making this PowerPoint slide show. However, it is best to sit down and go through your ideas, making a checklist of what to do and what to gather for this milestone occasion.

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Start Collecting

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Think about what you would like to share with the happy couple as well as all the guests. Make it's filled with great memories by searching out:

  • Photos of the couple as children
  • Photos with their friends and family
  • Photos of important dates in their lives, like graduations, when they met, and others
  • Scan paper photos if you do not have digital copies
  • Scan any precious mementos the couple may have if you can get your hands on them, such as a theater program from high school
  • Download songs that are special to the couple
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Optimize the Pictures

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Optimize photos by adjusting both visual size and file size. This will improve the appearance of your presentation, preventing pictures from being too large and cut off, for example, but also to keep the PowerPoint file to a manageable and transportable size. You need to optimize these photos before you insert them into your presentation. This goes for any scanned items like love letters, too; scanned images are often huge.

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Compress Photos to Reduce File Size

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Make sure to compress your file size in order for the presentation to be as small as possible.


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If you didn't know how to or chose not to, optimize your photos in the previous step, you'll have one more chance to reduce the overall file size of your final presentation. You can use the Compress Photos option to automatically reduce the file sizes of photos and to ensure your presentation runs more smoothly.

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The Digital Photo Album Tool

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Utilize the photo album tool to add themes to your photos.


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This tool has been around for the last few versions of PowerPoint.  The Digital Photo Album tool makes it quick and easy to add one or several photos to your presentation at the same time. Effects such as frames and captions are available to jazz up your presentation.

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Backgrounds, Design Templates, and Themes

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Use templates with built in backgrounds for a consistent and creative design.


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Whether you want to go the easy route and simply change the background color of the presentation, or you decide to coordinate the whole show using a colorful design theme, the process is a matter of a few clicks. Design templates and themes are a very simple way to create a presentation-wide look that reflects the mood you're going for. The Microsoft website offers a variety of PowerPoint templates you can use for many different occasions.

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Using Transitions Between Slides

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Make your slideshow move smoothly from one slide to another by applying transitions. If your presentation has different subjects, such as the young years, dating years, and just plain fun times, then it might be an idea to ​apply a different transition to separate these sections. However, don't overuse transitions; it is best to limit these so that the audience is focused on the show and not on what clever movement will happen next.

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Adding Music to Your Presentation

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Add audio to your presentation.


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Every couple has their song. You can add that song to the presentation and further enhance the couple's special moment. You can add more than one song to the presentation, start and stop on specific slides for effect, or have one song play throughout the whole slideshow.

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Automate the Wedding Presentation

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Put your presentation on a loop so everyone can enjoy it throughout the night.


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During the reception, you can look around and watch everyone enjoying all your hard work by automating the slideshow so it plays on a loop and without you attending to it.

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Control the Speed of Your Presentation

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Practice your presentation and adjust the timing of each slide.

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You can control how long your presentation displays each slide, and even vary this from slide to slide by adjusting the timing. Select the slide you want to customize the timing and click the Transitions tab. Under the Timing group and under the Advanced Slide section. Check the box next to After and specify in minutes or seconds how long PowerPoint should delay before advancing to the next slide.

If you want that same delay to apply to all slides, click the Apply to All button.