WeChat Mobile Chat App Review

Mobile Communication App Loaded With Features

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WeChat is a complete mobile communication tool. It comes with instant messaging, voice calling, high-quality video calling, and several other features. The interface is not always easy to grasp, but for any tech-savvy mobile user, getting acquainted is not a problem. WeChat is available for all popular mobile platforms, including for desktop computers.

What We Like
  • Easy registration.

  • Fully-featured

  • Available for all common platforms.

What We Don't Like
  • Interface demands improvement.

  • Loose privacy settings.

  • Limited message types.


WeChat lets you register without a username and password through your mobile phone number or Facebook account. You can, however, choose a WeChat name, which you can change any time you wish. It is the name that appears to your contacts.

The app started in China in 2011 and took some time to expand to the world. Now it has gone viral and has hundreds of millions of users around the world, and stands as serious competition to WhatsApp, Viber, and ChatON. It has more features than those and is free for good.

It is available on all popular mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and BlackBerry. The app and the service are free, as are all the features. Many free apps come with ads that pay for the free service, but this app has no ads whatsoever.

You can have live chat sessions with many friends on WeChat, with the possibility of making voice calls. Voice calls in WeChat are different from voice calls in other VoIP apps, in that they are in half-duplex. It mimics the functioning of a walkie-talkie. You press a button when you talk; your voice is then recorded and sent over to your contact. You can talk to many contacts at the same time in a group chat.

For real-time multimedia chatting, video chat also has voice-integration. The video is of higher quality than similar apps, although the quality depends on many factors and the app can control only some of them, such as the codecs. It also depends on your connection. WeChat uses your wireless data, of which you are to be mindful when using video chatting especially with the high quality since it has the tendency to eat up megabytes of your data plan. You can also use your Wi-Fi connection, which while being limited in coverage, is free.

You can sync your phone contacts, share your IDs, scan QR codes to add buddies, and even shake your phones together. By just shaking your phone after selecting the "Shake" option, you will be linked with all WeChat users that happen to be shaking their phones at that particular time, whether they are next to you or on the other side of the globe. You can then choose on the list whether to add anyone.

Another social feature is called “Look Around”, which when enabled, allows you to be seen by others and to see others who also happen to be looking around. It is a bit like Skype Me and allows you to search for friends out there.

People can be quite lonely in this world, and so can choose to drop a drift bottle in the sea, hoping for someone to catch it and read the message inside. WeChat allows you to drop a message in a virtual bottle that other people can catch and read and re-drop. You can also choose to fish for bottles in the digital sea whenever you feel lonely and have some spare time.

The “Moments” feature allows you to share photos with your friends by pressing the camera button on the interface. This sends the current scene the camera sees to your contact. The different moments your send are listed in a timeline thread online, to which your friends can comment.

WebChat has a huge list of emoticons that can be used in text messages, and it seems many people have moved to WeChat for this reason.

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