8 Websites to Print Instagram Photos on Things

Print Your Instagram Photos on Paper, Canvas, Postcards, Throw Pillows and More

It’s been a wild ride for Instagram since it first started popping up on iOS devices back in 2010. Now, there are companies that are letting users take their Instagram obsession to the next level by giving them the opportunity to print Instagram photos on all sorts of physical items including paper, canvas, throw pillows, and more.

If you have a great Instagram collection, then you have reason to show it off! Print your photos and keep them for yourself, or give them away as a gift.

Here are eight amazing creative companies that take your Instagram photos and print them interesting things you can keep in your home or give to someone special. 

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Instagram Prints
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Social Print Studio has a mobile app that allows users to print their Instagram, mobile and desktop photos. Perhaps one of the best deals offered is the two square prints you can get for just $12. You also have the option of getting your ​Instagram photos printed on magnets, in a photo album, as a calendar, in a classic frame, and so much more. 

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Here’s a very simple photo print service that offers all sorts of different print styles. You can choose from the Retroprint or Squareprint offering, and you also have the option to have your prints transformed into beautiful gift cards. Another huge plus on this one is free shipping worldwide, and you get your prints delivered to you in an adorable little camera-inspired cardboard photo box.

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CanvasPop is another great option that offers affordable Instagram canvas prints. Even if you’ve got a low-resolution photo you’d like to print, CanvasPop will edit it so the pixels look crisp and professional. This company uses special photo technology that can print your photos up to 20" by 20" on canvas with a quality wood frame and matte laminate to finish it.

If you’re looking for something a little different than the typical canvas print, here’s something you absolutely have to check out. Stitchtagram actually prints your Instagram photos on handmade throw pillows, zipper pouches, coin purses and tote bags. The material used for each item is either linen-cotton canvas or woven cotton, offering you a lovely way to show off your wonderful photos in more places than just your Instagram feed.

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How about showing off your photos right on the device you originally took them with? Casetify lets you design your very own smartphone or tablet case to feature your Instagram photos and other mobile photos. You can choose one photo to be printed on the case, or create a collage of them. All you have to do is download their iOS or Android app to start designing your new case.

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Jewelgram takes decorative Instagram prints to a whole new level with wearable (and rather chic) jewelry featuring your Instagram photos. So far, Jewelgram offers a variety of affordable and luxury rings and pendants. The Walden ring costs as little as $17 whereas the Kelvin pendant goes for a whopping $1,300. All pieces of jewelry are designed by an Italian designer based in Venice, Italy, and free shipping is offered worldwide.

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There’s nothing quite like a custom-made greeting card or post card, and Postagram is here to let you make your own. You can take any photos from Instagram, Facebook, your phone or your computer and create your own postcard using the iPhone app, Android app or the web. From there, Postagram will send your custom-made postcard to anyone you want, anywhere in the world.

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Last but not least, Pixeli.st will actually turn your Instagram photos into handmade professional oil paintings. Pixeli.st is working with professional artists to paint the images, so you can be sure that your painting is guaranteed to be stunning. With prices starting at $149, it's not exactly cheap, but professional artwork usually isn't anyway. You'll get your new painting in about 4 to 6 weeks. 

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