8 Game Websites Every Gamer Should Bookmark

Gaming in a Web 2.0 World

We can't always be playing games, but that doesn't mean we can't spend our time browsing the web for game information or just goofing off by creating our own game videos by splicing up scenes from multiple games. These 8 game websites cover everything from reviews to trailers to gaming news to just goofing off in a game-related manner, and they all deserve to be bookmarked by the serious and not-so-serious gamer.

Great Game Websites - Metacritic

The good part about game reviews is that they can give you insight into a game and an idea of whether or not it is worth your money. The bad part is that they largely depend on the personal taste of the reviewer. That's where Metacritic comes in handy. Instead of just giving you a review, Metacritic brings you reviews from all the great game websites as well as user rankings, so you can really tell if a game is good or bad. More »

Great Game Websites - GameTrailers

Whether you want to get a glimpse at an anticipated upcoming game, or you just want to browse through available games and check out the eye candy, GameTrailers is a great game website that brings you more than just a glimpse of your favorite games. You can also watch video reviews, get hints or walkthroughs or discuss what's hot and what's not on their forums. More »

Social Gaming News - N4G

Social news goes gaming at N4G. It's not secret that social news is a great way to find relevant information fast and cut out all the junk leaving just quality articles. By combining social news and gaming, you can get the goods on what's new about your favorite video game console or what upcoming games might be worth your time. More »

Wikia Gaming

Game Strategy Site - Wikia Gaming

Easily one of great game websites, Wikia's gaming section should definitely be bookmarked by any avid gamer. If web 2.0 has done one thing for gaming it's killed off the need for buying strategy guides. Most popular games have a wiki, and wiki goes into as much or more depth than the strategy guides that cost $15 or more. And the great thing is you can share your own tips and information with other people.

Great Game Websites - Playfire

Social networking might be the hottest thing on the web, but it hasn't quite caught fire with the gaming community. This is no great surprise considering that GameSpy, Xbox Live and PlayStation Home already provides many of the basic features of social networking. Still, if you are looking for a gamer with similar interests, a social network can be a great place to search, and Playfire is one of the best social networks for gamers. More »

Great Game Websites - Steam

Why go to the store when you can just download games to your computer? Just as digital music is replacing CDs, digital downloads are going to make GameStop obsolete. The great part about Steam is that it combines the digital store with social networking features, lets you watch game trailers, and even links to the Metacritic score when available. More »

Great Game Websites - Mashade

This great game website is a great way to solve boredom when you can't quite play a game at that moment. Mashade lets you mash up your own game video by taking clips from several different popular games and splicing them together. You can pick out your own soundtrack and add in some funny sound effects to create a pretty funny little video. More »

Good Game Websites - Machinima

If making your own video game mashup video seems a bit too work intensive, you can just check out what other people have done. Machinima is the art of taking video game footage and turning it into a movie or video. Some of it is quite good, and Machinima is a great place to watch it. More »

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