Great Gaming Websites Every Player Should Bookmark

Video game websites for reviews, trailers, and player communities

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest PlayStation 5 rumors? Want to know when the latest DLC for your favorite MMO is coming out? We've assembled a list of gaming websites that feature news, reviews, trailers, and walkthroughs for popular console and PC games.

Best Site for Buying Games: Steam

Steam gaming site logo
What We Like
  • Gigantic library of games.

  • Use the Steam client to play games purchased from other platforms.

What We Don't Like
  • The Steam client lacks built-in video capture capabilities.

  • Customer service and technical support are sometimes slow to respond.

Why drive to a store when you can stay home and download the latest games straight to your computer? Just as digital music has all but replaced CDs, digital downloads have become the preferred means for adding new games to your collection. Steam is the premier site for buying and playing games online, but you can also learn about upcoming releases, check out the latest reviews and trailers, and connect with a community of other players.

Best Video Game Streaming Site: website
What We Like
  • Streaming mobile content is easier than ever.

  • Watch game development tutorials from industry professionals.

What We Don't Like
  • The nature of live streaming makes it difficult to filter out adult content.

  • Archived streams are deleted after a short period of time.

Gaming has evolved into a massive spectator sport, and no place offers a bigger variety of watchable gaming than Twitch. The most popular online service for video game streaming, Twitch has expanded to include talk shows, music channels, and even TV series. If you're having a hard time with a boss in your favorite game, you can probably find videos on Twitch that will show you how other players beat it. You can even set up your own streaming channel so that others can watch you play.

Best Video Game Reviews: Metacritic

Metacritic game site logo


What We Like
  • Displays user and critic reviews side by side.

  • Easy to sort reviews by score.

What We Don't Like
  • User reviews aren't well moderated.

  • Intrusive video advertisements.

The good thing about reviews is that they can give you insight into a game, whether it is one you will enjoy, and if it's worth your money. The downside is that they largely depend on the personal tastes of the reviewer. That's where Metacritic comes in handy. Metacritic aggregates reviews from all the best gaming websites. Like Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic also includes user reviews alongside professional opinions, giving you a broad-based consensus. You'll also find reviews for music, movies, and TV shows as well.

Best Gaming News: N4G

N4G game website
What We Like
  • Includes retro reviews of older games.

  • Active blog full of opinions and top ten lists.

What We Don't Like
  • Articles are poorly organized.

  • Website is covered in ads.

Social news meets gaming at N4G. You can see what's news, what's trending, and which upcoming games might be worth your time and money. There's also a wealth of information about older games and consoles, so it's easy to get lost for hours in the archives.

Best Gaming Wiki: Gamepedia
What We Like
  • A treasure trove of content related to older gaming consoles.

  • Easy to navigate visual interface.

What We Don't Like
  • The featured video section on the home page is usually blank.

  • Individual game pages typically aren't as detailed as their Wikipedia entries.

If the web 2.0 has done one thing for gaming, it's killed off the print strategy guide industry. Most popular games have an entry on Gamepedia, and each wiki page goes into as much or more depth than you'll find in a $15 strategy book. You can also add your own tips and even create a wiki page for a game that doesn't have one.

Best Social Networking Site for Gamers: Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming website
What We Like
  • Features exciting deals and contests.

  • Pre-purchase upcoming titles.

What We Don't Like
  • Bare bones search and browsing tools.

  • Library is limited to current games and consoles.

If you are looking for gamer friends with similar interests, social networks are a great place to start. Green Man Gaming is one of the most popular social media platforms dedicated to gamers. Formerly called Playfire, GMG is a community platform and e-commerce website that partners with publishers to give their games visibility. Thus, it's the perfect place to find a gift for a gamer.

Best Gaming Walkthroughs: GameFAQs

GameFAQs website
What We Like
  • Massive repository of walkthroughs for new and classic games.

  • Search function supports auto-completion.

What We Don't Like
  • Reviews often aren't very detailed.

  • Limited videos and additional media content.

When you need help with a game, GameFAQs should be your go-to resource. The site has been around since 1995 and has gone through a couple of different owners, but the vast majority of what it offers is contributor content. There are literally millions of reviews, cheat guides, and walkthroughs for games on all platforms, including iOS and Android games.