Great Gaming Websites Every Player Should Bookmark

Reviews, Trailers, Digital Shops, and Player Communities

We can't always be playing games, but that doesn't mean we can't spend our time browsing the web for game information or watching game sessions. These eight game websites feature everything from reviews to trailers to gaming news, and they all deserve to be bookmarked by the serious and not-so-serious gamer.


Metacritic game site logo

The good part about game reviews is that they can give you insight into a game, whether it is one you will enjoy, and an if it is worth your money. The bad part is that they largely depend on the personal tastes of the reviewer. That's where Metacritic comes in handy. Instead of just giving you a review, Metacritic aggregates reviews from all the great game websites as well as user rankings, giving you a broad-based consensus about a game. The site does the same thing for music, movies, and TV as well.


N4G game website screenshot

Social news meets gaming at N4G. By combining social news and gaming, you can see what's hot, what's trending, what's new, get the goods on your favorite video game console, and discover which upcoming games might be worth your time.

Encyclopedia Gamia

Encyclopedia Gamia website screenshot

Wikia's gaming section should definitely be bookmarked by any avid gamer. If web 2.0 has done one thing for gaming it's killed off the need for buying strategy guides. Most popular games have a wiki, and each wiki goes into as much or more depth than strategy guides that can cost $15 or more. What's more, you can share your own tips and information with other people.

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming website screenshot

If you are looking for a gamer with similar interests, a social network can be a great place to search, and Green Man Gaming is one of the best social networks for gamers. Formerly Playfire, it's a community platform and ecommerce website that partners with game publishers to give their games visibility to the player community.


Steam gaming site logo

Why drive to a store when you can stay home and download the latest games straight to your computer? Just as digital music has all but replaced CDs, digital downloads have become the preferred means of adding new games to your collection. Steam is the premier site for not only buying games, but also playing games, learning about new games, checking out reviews and trailers, and connecting with a broad player community. Games played through Steam often have achievements associated with them, too, so as you play you earn rewards that others on the site can see. Steam is truly a central hub for all things gaming.


GameFAQs website screenshot

 If you need help with a game, need a walkthrough, or just want to cheat a little in your favorite game, GameFAQs is the place to find the information you want. The site has been around since 1995 and has gone through a couple of different owners, but the vast majority of what it offers is contributor content. No matter what your gaming system—and that includes mobile iOS and Android games—you'll find it covered. You'll also find game rankings, reviews, and community commentary on game titles, so you can read exactly what they like and dislike about a game. website screenshot

Gaming has evolved into a massive spectator sport, and no place offers a bigger variety of watchable gaming than Twitch. One of—if not the—most popular online service for streaming and watching gaming broadcasts, Twitch has expanded into talk shows, music, and even TV series. If you're interested in a game, here is where you can see it being played live. If you're having a hard time with a boss in your favorite game, tune in and watch how others beat it. Or, set up your own game streaming channel so others can tune in and watch you play.