Is a Website That Can Guess Your Age

Microsoft's Trendy New Website Has Everyone Wondering How Old They Look

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You may have already noticed loads of screenshots of your friends' photos from this new age-guessing website posted all over social media lately. Thousands of people are posting their selfies featuring a white square around their face, a gender icon an age number floating above their head.

The website that everyone's using is Microsoft's -- a simple little site that previews what the company is currently working on.

It uses facial detection technology and learns over time from all the data collected by the photos submitted to guess your age.

How to Use the Site to Guess Your Age

Trying the site out for yourself is super easy, and you can use it from both a desktop computer or a mobile device. Simply type into your preferred web browser, and press (or tap) the "Use your own photo" button located near the bottom of the screen.

From your desktop, you'll be able to select a photo file to submit to the site. If you're on a mobile device, you'll be given the choice to snap a photo of yourself or choose an existing one. 

Within seconds, the website will detect your face and give you an age. If you have multiple people in your photo, it does a good job detect everyone's faces and guessing their ages too.

How Accurate Is It?

Unhappy with your results? Don't book an appointment for major plastic surgery just yet if you're disappointed about how old (or even how young) the site thinks you look.

In fact, if you submit a few different photos of yourself to the site, you'll probably notice a big difference in age guesses for each photo -- reflecting just how inaccurate the site can be.

While the website is quite good at detecting faces and gender, it's not so great at guessing people's ages just yet.

Microsoft says it's still working on improving this which you can read about here.

The first photo I used gave me an age guess of 40. The second photo I used gave me a guess of 21. I'm actually 28, so neither one of those guess are very close to my real age at all. Despite its inaccuracy, it's still a very amusing little tool to play around with.

Privacy Concerns

According to Microsoft, any photos you upload to the site are not stored. Once you upload your photo and are given your age guess, your photo is discarded from memory.

How It Went Viral

Microsoft provided some interesting details and images about how this little website caught on so quickly. Within just hours of it being emailed to several hundred people to try out, saw over 210,000 photo submissions from 35,000 users across the globe.

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