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Contact Downed Websites on Twitter, Facebook, or by Phone

Getting in touch with a website when it's not working for you, or finding out what's wrong when a website is completely down, is difficult when you can't access the website to find contact information!

Luckily, nearly all major websites have official channels on popular social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, where you can contact them for support. Service status pages are also becoming more common. Believe it or not, some companies still have phone numbers!

Checking in for updates during a major problem, like when a site is showing an internal server error or maybe a 502 bad gateway message, is also something their social networks and status dashboards are really good for.

Websites are listed alphabetically by name and dozens more are coming soon. Please let us know if you find inaccurate contact information and we'll update it.

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Amazon (

Amazon logo, Inc. 

When is down, or has a major service disruption, you have several ways of contacting them or checking in for information on what's wrong.

@AmazonHelp is's official Twitter-based customer service account. If the website is having trouble, this is a good first place to check or ask for information.

While not support-centric, the Facebook page might also be helpful.

Amazon can also be reached by phone at 1 (888) 280-4331.

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Facebook (

Facebook logo

Facebook, Inc.

With so many active, sometimes all-day users of Facebook, it's often as if time stops completely when Facebook is down.

Luckily that's not actually the case, so your best bet is to keep tabs on the status of Facebook on Twitter. Yes, that's right. Facebook's official Twitter account is @facebook, and you're likely to find reports of major service issues there.

Facebook also keeps a Platform Status page updated that could be helpful, but since it's also hosted on, it might also be down depending on the scope of the issue.

It might not be of much use, but Facebook does have a contact number: 1 (650) 853-1300.

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Google (

Google logo

Google, Inc.

Google Search rarely goes down. It has in the past, and likely will for one reason or another in the future, but the world's biggest search engine is pretty stable, at least compared to most other websites.

While there's no official status page for, any issues will likely be promptly reported on @google, the company's official Twitter page.

You can check the Google Facebook page as well, but it's often less active than their Twitter account.

There's a Google profile on Instagram that you can use to send a message to Google. The Google LinkedIn page is available as well, but while updates are posted there, it's probably not as reliable for Google Search related issues as their Twitter page is.

Google doesn't have a telephone number for support regarding its search engine.

Non-US Google Search

The same check-Twitter-first strategy also applies when you're looking for information when Google's non-US search engines are down.

Here are the official Google Twitter accounts for a few of their other search properties:

Google Africa (@googleafrica), Google Argentina (@googleargentina), Google Australia (@googledownunder), Google Brasil (@googlebrasil), Google Canada (@googlecanada),Google Germany (@GoogleDE), Google India (@googleindia), Google Italy (@googleitalia), Google Japan (@googlejapan), Google Mexico (@googlemexico), Google Russia (@GoogleRussia), and Google UK (@GoogleUK).

Google also has a blog at that might be updated with information during an outage. It's a different website from, so it might work just fine even when the search engine doesn't.

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LinkedIn (

LinkedIn logo, Inc.

LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking website on Earth. When LinkedIn goes down for very long, it's sure to make the news.

Fortunately, LinkedIn has an official Twitter account for all things support related, the aptly named @LinkedInHelp. Not only is LinkedIn Help on Twitter great for reporting and keeping tabs on LinkedIn outages, they do a great job with one-on-one help with their site, too.

While probably not as responsive about LinkedIn site problems, LinkedIn on Facebook is the official account and may be a helpful resource during an outage.

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Twitter (

Twitter logo

Twitter, Inc.

When Twitter goes down, often due to too many users on the service at once, you'll often see the famous "fail whale" image above a Twitter is over capacity message.

In worst-case scenarios, you may instead see an HTTP status code like a 403 Forbidden or 502 Bad Gateway. Most of the time there's little to do but wait.

If the Twitter outage seems to be longer than usual, or you're curious about the status of the problem, check out Twitter's Facebook page, which is likely to have information about what's going on.

Twitter also keeps @TwitterSupport, their official support account, but depending on the scope and type of outage, is likely not to be available when the rest of Twitter is down.

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Wikipedia (

Wikipedia logo

Wikimedia Foundation, Inc

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, is expected to have 100% uptime... and probably comes pretty close.

Wikipedia's official Twitter account, @Wikipedia, is probably your best bet for status information if you're pretty sure the site is down, followed by Wikipedia on Facebook.

While I can't guarantee any kind of response, Wikimedia, the group behind Wikipedia, is available via email at and via phone at 1 (415) 839-6885.

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Yahoo! (

Yahoo logo

Verizon Media

While Yahoo! doesn't drive the kind of traffic it once did, millions still use the once popular web portal for everything from news to email. With that kind of following, it's a big deal when Yahoo! is down.

Yahoo! has a number of official customer care accounts on all the popular social networks, great when Yahoo! Mail is down and you need help, or if other Yahoo! properties are experiencing problems.

As with most companies, the most up to date information on a downed service can usually be found on Twitter. If Yahoo! is down for you, head right to @YahooCare, their official customer care account, for information or to report the problem. Yahoo! Japan users should check @Yahoojp_CS when Yahoo! services are down.

Yahoo! customer support is also on Facebook at Yahoo Customer Care.

If you have a Pro account, Yahoo! can also be reached by phone at 1 (800) 305-7664.

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YouTube (

YouTube logo

YouTube, Inc.

All hell seems to break loose when YouTube is down. How are we to survive without kitten videos? I'm teasing...mostly.

Regardless of how much it impacts your life when YouTube is down, their @YouTube Twitter account will keep you informed of any major outages. This isn't a support-specific account, but it's probably your best bet.

You might also want to check the YouTube Facebook page.

YouTube can also be reached by phone at 1 (650) 253-0000.

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Skype (

Skype logo


Skype is one of the most popular ways to make free internet calls or cheap international calls from your phone or computer, but it, too, experiences problems sometimes.

The best ways to contact Skype is through their social media profiles. While @Skype is their official Twitter page, support related information is more likely posted on @SkypeSupport. The Skype Facebook page is another way to get a hold of the company or read about current problems with the website.

You can stay up to date on a Skype outage or other Skype problem with their Skype Status page, but that might also be down if the whole website/service isn't working.

You might also have luck over at the Skype forum, hosted on Microsoft's website. If other users are reporting issues with Skype as well, then you know it's most likely down for other users, too.

If someone at Skype doesn't respond during a problem, or the issue seems to be with your computer or phone only, you might try fixing the Skype problems yourself, if possible.

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Netflix (

Netflix logo


While it isn't down very often, the Netflix video streaming service takes a heavy hit all day long as people stream their favorite movies and TV shows, so it wouldn't be surprising to see it go.

The @Netflixhelps Twitter page is a great way to message Netflix and stay on top of problems with the service or website. It's unlikely that support questions will get answered here, but they also have an official @Netflix page.

The Netflix Facebook page is another place you can check on the current status of the service, but the first Twitter profile above is your best option if you're looking for a reply.

Netflix can also be reached by phone at 1 (866) 579-7172, but if you have the Netflix app, you can call Netflix customer support directly from there, too. That call is made over Wi-Fi, so iPad and similar users can use it, too.

If Netflix streaming isn't working but the website is still accessible, you might try starting a live chat with Netflix from your computer. There's also an Is Netflix Down? page you can check.

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Pinterest (

Pinterest logo


Pinterest is a popular social media website centered around sharing images. With hundreds of millions of monthly active users, you can bet that if there's even a temporary outage, you'll hear about it somewhere online.

However, the best place to get up-to-date news about the Pinterest website or app being down, or to contact them about problems, is the official @Pinterest page on Twitter.

Pinterest also posts updates about the website on the Pinterest Facebook page.

Any specific issue that doesn't affect the whole Pinterest website can be handled by contacting Pinterest via this form.

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