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Unlimited bandwidth, storage and some other nice perks

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What We Like

  • 45-day money-back guarantee

  • Lots of transparency in pricing

  • Great admin panel and fast setup

  • Lots of different plans, including "economy" packages

  • One-click installer

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage

What We Don't Like

  • No tutorials and scant knowledgebase

  • No website builder

  • No telephone support

WebHostingBuzz may not offer many bells and whistles, but it's still a solid option with transparent pricing. We're big fans of the unlimited storage and bandwidth, but we wish there was a website builder or telephone support in case we need to troubleshoot.





WebHostingBuzz is a veteran of the industry, having been around since 2002 and with a clientele of over 28,000 accounts and serving more than 35,000 websites. Over that time, this hosting service has been building its features menu into something decent enough to compete with the very best in the market, all while maintaining extremely high speeds and extremely low prices. We went ahead and tested the service to see if it hits the mark or not. Read on to see our full findings and evaluation.


Available Levels of Service: Anything You Could Want

WebHostingBuzz offers a variety of levels of service. These tiered plans are geared toward personal, developer, or business use, and the contents of each tier is targeted toward different needs.

  • Shared Webhosting Service – The shared hosting service has some great features in each plan that make it a steal at the price. The personal plan costs just $4.99 per month and offers 20GB SSD storage and 1 GB RAM. The priciest plan, the Business plan, costs $24.99 a month and offers unlimited SSD and 3GB RAM. There is also the Economy Shared Webhosting Plan that comes at a yearly price of $24.99 and offers 10GB HDD storage and 512MB RAM. 
  • VPS Hosting – VPS hosting is for those who want their own containers within servers with their own set of resources to use. The cheapest plan comes at $14.95 per month and affords you 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, and 20GB SSD storage. The priciest one costs $119.95 a month and affords you 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, and 160GB SSD storage. 
  • Dedicated Servers – If you want to own your own metal, then you can go for the dedicated server plans, ranging from single-processor plans to dual-processor plans. 

There are additional server upgrades you can purchase on the premium dedicated server plans, including full server management, more bandwidth, higher network speeds, software add-ons, and so on. 

Storage: Enough for Most Users

For the Personal Shared Plan, you get 20 GB SSD storage space, which you will use for all your files. Since you’ll only be allowed to host one website on this plan, the storage should be more than enough. On the other shared plans, the storage increases, eventually becoming unlimited on the Business shared plan. Elsewhere, on other tiers of service, storage depends on the particular plan and may be either HDD or SDD. However, no matter what the plan, the storage is measured in its totality for all your files.

Bandwidth: Unlimited for the Personal Shared Plan

The Personal Shared Plan does not limit your bandwidth. You can, therefore, get as many visitors as you want on your website. This is one of the stronger selling points for WebHostingBuzz since many other web hosting services limit bandwidth on their introductory plans. Elsewhere, in other WebHostingBuzz plans, the bandwidth may or may not be limited, depending on the plan. The highest explicit limit, however, is on the dedicated server plan, at 40 TB.

The Personal Shared Plan does not limit your bandwidth. You can, therefore, get as many visitors as you want on your website.

Registration Process: Simple and Transparent

This hosting provider is quite simple to use and the registration process is a breeze. The pricing is transparent, with no surprises coming in at the end when you check out. Finding a plan you like is easy on the page as all of the technical details are available and there is an easy navigation menu on the home page for all of the different hosting plans. 

When you check out, you will be asked to register a domain, indicate your existing domain, or transfer it to WebHostingBuzz. You can then choose the duration for which you want to pay, enter account information, pay with PayPal or credit card, and you’re good to go.

The whole process is quite intuitive and allows you to pick a plan, enter account information, and end up logging into your control panel at the end of it all without ever leaving the website, say, to check for account credentials in your email. Additionally, registering the domain name or transferring it to WebHostingBuzz is absolutely free.

Advanced Options: No Managed WordPress or Cloud Backup

Unfortunately, WebHostingBuzz does not have a website builder, which means you’re going to have knowledge of web development to develop your own websites, or at least include the cost of hiring a developer into your budget. That is one of the greatest draws for this hosting provider. It also doesn’t offer managed WordPress or cloud backups. 

Unfortunately, WebHostingBuzz does not have a website builder.

On the other hand, you have access to the Softaculous app installer, which allows you to perform one-click installs of any scripts you might need. You have full shell access and version control as well as access to the WebHostingBuzz cPanel. You also get hosted on the LiteSpeed servers and have multiple layers of caching at your disposal to make loading your website super-fast on users’ browsers.

Administration: One User Only for Personal Shared Plan

Unfortunately, the Personal Shared Plan does not allow you to add additional users, as only 1 IP address is allowed at a time. However, you can easily add additional users on the premium plans. Everything is controlled from the control panel, which is highly intuitive to use. As for payment options, you can use either credit card or PayPal. 

Price: Also Transparent, and Affordable



The greatest selling point of the service is that they don’t try to bait and switch on the pricing schemes. The monthly prices that are displayed are the exact same ones that you will pay. You don’t have to subscribe to a multi-year plan in order to access those prices. What you see is what you get.

You also get a two-month discount if you pay on a yearly basis, making the prices even more attractive. Sure, it may not be as deep a discount as what you would get with some other hosting services, but it is still quite a respectable discount.

The greatest selling point of the service is that they don’t try to bait and switch on the pricing schemes.

Another noteworthy thing about WebHostingBuzz is the range of budget plans it has. You can get a budget plan for just about every tier, from shared plans to dedicated servers. The budget plans still offer great features with plenty of functionality for those who have a tighter budget and are willing to sacrifice on some bells and whistles.

Another great selling point for this hosting provider is the 45-day money-back guarantee. It is a sign that WebHostingBuzz takes itself seriously and willing to put its money where its mouth is. If you don’t like the service when you sign up, you can cancel and ask for your money back within 45 days, no questions asked.

Competition: WebHostingBuzz vs. BlueHost

BlueHost is a top web hosting provider in the industry. It is an industry heavyweight hosting over 2 million websites. So it would make sense to compare WebHostingBuzz to it to see how well the latter does.

When it comes to features, the two are almost shoulder to shoulder with BlueHost edging slightly ahead. BlueHost operates on a Linux platform while WebHostingBuzz operates on both Windows and Linux. On the other hand, BlueHost offers managed WordPress while WebHostingBuzz does not. And yet WebHostingBuzz offers free SSL certificates while BlueHost offers them only at a fee.

For the most part, BlueHost has slightly more features than WebHostingBuzz on the whole. However, there are crucial features that WebHostingBuzz offers for free on its cheaper plans while they are offered at an extra fee on BlueHost.

Overall, WebHostingBuzz is more of a middle child with heavyweight tendencies in the world of web hosting providers. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it sure has some great chops.

The cheapest plan on WebHostingBuzz costs $4.95 a month and has a more transparent price since the $4.95 is something you can choose to pay on a monthly basis. Meanwhile, the BlueHost plan is only valid if you subscribe on a multi-year basis, which might be considered dishonest pricing by some. 

Things get even more interesting when you consider the details of the pricing plans. WebHostingBuzz offers storage of 400 GB and unlimited bandwidth on its $4.95 pricing plan while BlueHost only offers 50 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. The superiority of WebHostingBuzz’s pricing plan is clear here.

But ultimately, we think Bluehost edges out WebHostingBuzz by just a bit.

Final Verdict

Definitely worth considering.

WebHostingBuzz is a well-rounded service anyone who’s clear about what they want would do well to consider. While there are important things it may lack such as website builder or cloud backup and for admins, only one IP address can be used at a time (on the personal shared plan). However, WebHostingBuzz still offers unlimited bandwidth and storage and has a one-click installer. Plus, the pricing is also not only quite decent but also transparent, which is something we really value.


  • Product Name Buzz Personal Plan
  • Product Brand WebHostingBuzz
  • Price $4.99
  • Years in Business 17 (Est. 2002)
  • Available Levels of Service Tiered
  • Storage 20GB
  • Bandwidth Unlimited
  • Platform LiteSpeed
  • Registration Process Very fast; can go from domain registration to control panel in a few steps without having to leave the site
  • Control Panel/Domain & Site Management Very simple; domain migration is free
  • Control Panel/Administration Highly intuitive; can move from domain registration to control panel in a few steps without leaving the site
  • Control Panel/Support Responsive support with both live chat and ticketing system
  • File Access FTP/S, SFTP
  • Version Control Git
  • Payment Options Credit card & PayPal
  • Official Website https://www.webhostingbuzz.com/
  • Price $4.99/month
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