Webcams - Watch People at Home and Around the World

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Webcams are a fascinating enigma of the Internet. They are an intrusion into people's homes and personal lives initiated by the people themselves. They want to be watched and they want you to watch them, and lots of people do watch them.

Every day people log in to their favorite webcams and watch their favorite webcam people. To them, it's like watching an addictive soap opera. They sit and watch these people and places with the need to see what will happen next.

There are other people who believe that webcams are horrible. They believe people shouldn't be showing off on the Internet and other people shouldn't be watching them. I guess you either love them or you hate them.

Send me your Webcams! No adult content, though, there are kids here after all. They must be "personal" webcams, not run by big businesses or organizations. I need your webcams so I can create a better webcam section for you all to watch. Thanks!

Here are some webcams, I have found, that are fun to watch. I hope you enjoy them too.

Animal Cams

  • Cat Cam - These cats have their own Webcam on them all day as they walk about her kitchen eating and drinking. You might catch a glimpse of their human too.
  • Skittles - This kitty has a window view of the foliage outside. He also has a comfy place to sleep and toys to play with. Skittles also keeps a diary so you can read about what goes on in his life.
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Office and Home Cams

  • Nerdman Show - This one's been around a long time. He has 12 different cams you can watch him on at work and some at home too.
  • Giggle Cam - Watch Giggles and Marty on their 2 different Webcams. They also have lots of pics from their cams for you to look at when you can't find them.
  • - See Mick and Ray on their 5 different webcams. One webcam is for guests, the other 4 are for members only. You will see them cooking, working and relaxing. They both work from home and the cams are on 24/7.
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European Cams

  • Big Ben and Houses of the Parliment - Webcam refreshes every 5 seconds and camera angle changes every minute so you can see the people walking around and see the sites.
  • London Eye - Watch as people ride the giant eye of London. Refreshes every 5 seconds and repositions every minute.
  • Trafalgar Square - See the people walk around this beautiful downtown area in London. Refreshes every 5 seconds and repositions every minute.
  • Red Square - See Red Square from different angles. Refreshes frequently, not sure how often since I can't read Russian.
  • PaskinoCam - Via di capo le case, Roma (Piazza di Spagna), Italy. It says it updates every 10 seconds.
  • Eric el Viking - Andorra la Vella - This webcam is located in Andorra a city nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain.
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U.S. and Canadian Cams

Asian and Australian Cams

  • Noriko's Can - A view of the street from Yokohama, Japan.
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