8 Great Sites for Geeky Tech Gifts

Get your geeky friends and relatives the perfect gift this year

On the hunt for the best and most unique geeky gift sites this holiday season? You're certainly not the only one! 

Considering how much we rely on our mobile gadgets and computers these days, it’s no wonder that more people are adding trendy tech stuff to their holiday gift wish lists. Things like tablet computers, the latest Apple electronics, software packages, computer parts, mobile accessories, and even web-based subscriptions or memberships are higher in demand than ever before.

You can find some of the most unique gift ideas for the web geek in your family or circle of friends by checking out the following websites.

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ThinkGeek: The Geekiest Clothing, Accessories, Toys, Games, and More

ThinkGeek website

Think Geek is the go-to place for geeks and people who love to show their love for everything from Star Wars and Marvel, to The Legend of Zelda and Pokemon. The Think Geek site has everything from clothing to toys to gadgets to home office accessories and everything in between. If you can’t find a nifty gift idea here, you’ll probably have a hard time finding something on any other regular site.

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Archie McPhee: The Place for All the Weirdest Novelty Items

Archie McPhee website

Geeks are pretty weird, so why not check out "the world's greatest weird store"? This store is almost too weird to describe its products. In other words, they're fabulous. You can buy lots of interesting animal masks from here, and there's an entire section dedicated to bacon. Have a look. You won't be disappointed. 

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Mental Floss Store: Stuff for All the Science Geeks Out There

Mental Floss website

Mental Floss Magazine is a great magazine for intelligent nerds, science buffs, and geeks alike, but did you know that they have a pretty great online store too? You can find everything from funny T-shirts and office knick-knacks to gifts for aspiring chefs and mad scientists. For the ultra geek on your gift list, you've got to check this one out.

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JINX: For All The Most Stylish Clothing Loved by Geeks

JINX website

If you’re looking for geek-branded clothing, JINX is bound to have something to help check off those items on your gift shopping list. This site specializes in selling apparel with graphics inspired by gaming and web technology. You can get T-shirts, hats, jackets, socks, and even underwear from JINX.

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DealExtreme: All the Greatest Geek Stuff Without the Huge Pricetags

DealExtreme website

For those who need to stick to a strict budget, DealExtreme offers you cool gadgets and accessories for lower prices. The site has an entire section dedicated to 2-dollar gadgets. Check out some of the product reviews on the site, browse through new arrivals, chat in the forum, or track your order status online.

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Neatoshop: Cool Finds That Might Surprise You

Neatoshop website

Neatoshop is more about unique finds and trendy stuff than it is about gadgets and technology. Luckily, there’s still a ton of products for geeks. Find funny t-shirts, ice trays, and check out their entire section dedicated to bacon stuff. While you’re at it, you may also be interested in checking out their blog at Neatorama.com.

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Cool Things: Some of the Most Creative Gifts You Never Knew Existed

Cool Things website

Not only does Cool Things notify readers about a wide variety of unusual and unique gadgets, but you can also find out about cool furniture, entertainment stuff, fashion products, and stuff for your car. CoolThings.com is not the direct retailer of the products they find, but they do point you to the third-party site or sites where you can purchase featured products.

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Bless This Stuff: Discover All Sorts of Crazy, Geeky Items

Bless This Stuff website

Just like Cool Things, Bless This Stuff is more of a gift discovery website that hunts down awesome things to tell the world about them. On most of its blog posts about a particular item, you can see a Buy button that will take you to the place where you can purchase it. Bless This Stuff features all sorts of things in technology, apparel, lifestyle, culture, sports, vehicles, and more.

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