Web-Based Internet Phones

Computer calling
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VoIP tools have cropped up like mushrooms and we are happy to choose from the many good apps and services we have. Many of us don’t fancy the idea of having to download and install an app to be able to make free or cheap calls online. Some people don’t use the same computer all the time and would like a service that is web-based.

Gmail Calling

This is a great tool from Google and is available for any Gmail user anywhere in the world. The user only has to download and install a very light plug into the browser. Then free calls can be made to any other Gmail user online. Cheap calls can be made to worldwide contacts, and calls to all phones in the US and Canada are free, unlimited. Gmail calling also include video calling. The user just selects a contact in her mailbox and clicks on a call to start the call. Or she can load the softphone (which is actually what the plugin was for) and dials a number in it for outside calls.


Raketu is so rich in features that it can be said to include most of what services like Jajah, Skype, Gizmo, Truphone, and Fring provide collectively. Calls using Raketu can be made from a computer to another computer, between computers and phones, and even from phone to phone. Users can choose to download a softphone application but can also use the service without downloading and installing anything, through the web interface. Also, any SIP-compliant hardware or software can be used with Raketu, giving users a large choice and flexibility in accessing any communications device. Raketu to some extent implements Unified Communications too, by providing presence and instant messaging across many platforms and devices, SMS services, file transferring, conferencing, video conferencing and email services along with their calling services.


TringMe is a complete VoIP service suite that comprises of the traditional and very popular PC-to-PC calling feature through a softphone, with its PC-to-phone calling option for calls to landline and mobile phones worldwide. There are two things that demark TringMe from other services. First, it is web-based, i.e. users do not have to download and install any application – it works on a web browser. Secondly, it offers a complete package of application development tools for users and enterprises to develop their own VoIP applications.


FriendCaller is a VoIP service that allows you to make Internet phone calls through your computer by simply clicking on a link in your browser. It is handy for people who don't want to install softphone applications normally associated with VoIP service. Such a tool is interesting for social networking sites like Facebook. It is Java-based and so works embedded as an applet in browsers.


Busta is a VoIP solution that comes in three flavors. One version fits in the browser for web-based calling. Another version fits in the sidebar of the computer. The third version is a unified version that includes video calling.


Yugma is actually a web conferencing tool, so it allows communication with a group of people through a web interface using their browsers. Yugma is a full service, including video conferencing, an API (application programming interface) and a mobile app. The free version has some restrictions, like only one correspondent per call.


Jajah works in a particularly different way. You use your browser but also your phone. But there is no software to install and download. Upon entering the Jajah interface online, dial the number you want to call (provided you have sufficient credit). Your phone will then ring, and when you pick up your correspondent’s phone will ring. The conversation starts when he picks up. Jajah’s rates are not very cheap and are much higher than the average VoIP call on the market.