Be Your Own Weather Forecaster and Traffic Reporter

Weatherbonk Web Mashup
(Image of Weatherbonk).

If you have ever dreamed of being your own weather forecaster, or if you just don't like watching the news, WeatherBonk has a mashup for you. They have combined weather and traffic forecasts, webcams, and Google Maps into a weather and traffic center where you can not only see the weather, but you can actually see the weather.

Forecasting the Weather

The map can be viewed through a street map, a satellite map, or a hybrid that combines the two. It can also be overlaid with radar, clouds and temperature. You can manipulate the map as you would ]navigate any Google Maps application by using drag-and-drop or the navigation menu on the left.

When you type in a location to the search box, you will see the upcoming forecast by the weather channel to the left of the map. Beneath this forecast, nearby web cams will show you live pictures of weather conditions.

Reporting on Traffic

You can also change the live weather map to a traffic map by clicking on the "Traffic" link above the map. Like the weather map, you can choose to view the map as a street map, satellite map, or hybrid. Instead of choosing to overlay the map with radar or clouds, you can overlay it with road speeds provided by either Google or Microsoft.

If you have chosen to input a location into the traffic info box on the left, you will also see road conditions listed out to the left of the map.

You can also hover your mouse over one of the pins in the map to pop up a small road cam and see the traffic conditions for yourself. Who needs a helicopter?

Forecast Your Trip

The goodies don't stop at traffic and weather. You can also get a forecast for your road trip by clicking on the "Weather For Your Route" link above the map. This will take you to a page where you can input your starting location and destination in the appropriate boxes on the left. You can also input when you are leaving to get an accurate forecast.

Once you are ready to forecast your trip, you can click on the "go" button to find out if you will have sunny skies or stormy weather. The map will show your route with bullet points displaying the weather you will find on your way. To the left of the map, you will get a breakdown of how the weather will be throughout your trip.