How to Get Drivers and Other Support for Your WEARNES Hardware

Screenshot of the Wearnes PC website logo

WEARNES is a computer technology company that manufactures complete computer systems, UPS devices, tablets, POS printers, peripherals, and routers.


WEARNES provides technical support for their products through an online support website:

It's through this link that you can do and find various things related to your WEARNES device, like contact their support team, submit your warranty card, or use the menu items to find other things like downloads or FAQs.

WEARNES Driver Download

You can find WEARNES device driver downloads (and sometimes BIOS update files) by accessing the product page on their website and looking through any available links in the Driver tab.

For example, the Premiere 8610Le product page has a few tabs for more information about that device. In the Driver tab are downloads related to that system, including video, audio, and LAN drivers for various versions of Windows.

Use the Products page on the WEARNES to browse or search for your own device.

See What Version of Windows Do I Have? if you're not sure if you need a Windows 7 driver or a Windows XP driver, for example.

Can't Find the WEARNES Driver You Need?

WEARNES doesn't provide an online resource for every driver download they offer; there isn't one place you go to find all the drivers, and not every device's product page shows a Driver tab. Instead, they recommend you request downloads by contacting their technical support number or using their email support form, both of which are detailed below.

However, that's not a very quick way to get the drivers that you likely need today to make your device work like it should. Fortunately, there are several other places to download drivers.

If you're unable to get downloads from WEARNES or those other driver download websites, try a free driver updater tool that can find and update device drivers for you. It's possible that one of those tools can identify an outdated or missing WEARNES driver and let you download the right one immediately.

WEARNES Telephone Support

WEARNES provides technical support over the phone at 08 59 59 59 59 31 (Indonesia).

WEARNES Email Support

WEARNES also provides email support for their hardware products.

To use the email support form, you have to not only select the product type (e.g. gadget, UPS, server, all-in-one PC, POS printer, server, etc.) and name from the drop-down menus but also enter the device's serial number (it's likely posted on the back or bottom of the device) and fill out your personal details like your name and email address.