Wearables and Accessories from Your Favorite Fashion Brands

Trackers from Fossil and Kate Space, Fitbit Accessories from Tory Burch and More

Kate Spade

It's no surprise that fashion designers are getting in on the wearable craze. After all, this sort of tech is, well, wearable. From activity trackers released by big-name accessories labels to high-end accessories that dress up the Apple Watch, there are plenty of examples of the fashion industry's influence on this emerging category of consumer tech devices. 

Read on for a look at the best products from your favorite big-name designers, organized by actual devices (the first section) and accessories for existing smartwatches and fitness trackers (the last section).


Kate Spade 

Popular handbag designer Kate Spade stepped into the wearables space in summer 2016, announcing a lineup of devices that don't stray from the brand's colorful, cheery aesthetic (the featured image for this post depicts the devices). There's a bangle tracker available in a silicone or bangle design and starting at $125, along with a watch that will set you back $250. As far as features go, the Kate Spade wearables can track fitness stats, display call notifications, control music playback and more.

While these devices will sport Kate Spade branding along with that brand's unique style, they're released by Fossil, which is famously on a mission to bring consumers a plethora of fashion wearable choices.


Speaking of Fossil, the brand previously best known for accessories like wallets and conventional watches is fast making a name for its self as one of the most prolific wearable makers. In addition to manufacturing an impressive variety of trackers and smartwatches under its own name, the company will partner with other brands — including Kate Spade as well as Emporio Armani and Misfit, the latter of which Fossil recently acquired. The company's mission for wearables differs from many other brands'; it's focused on creating "smarter watches" that incorporate some high-tech features like displaying notifications on your wrist, rather than releasing the most technologically advanced products.

Tag Heuer

Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer released its take on the smartwatch, and unsurprisingly, it doesn't come cheap. For $1,500, you get a sporty (albeit definitely high-end) design and ​Wear OS-based (formerly Android Wear-based) software. The Connected smartwatch also features some fancy functionality such as directional wind and weather monitoring.

Michael Kors

Fashion designer Michael Kors partnered with Google to develop and release a Wear OS smartwatch under the new Michael Kors Access line. The watch is available in both sporty and more upscale (read: metal materials) versions, and it features a touchscreen so you can view alerts such as incoming calls and texts. You can choose from a selection of interchangeable wristbands, and you can also use the device to track your workouts.


Another Swiss watchmaker to test out the wearable waters is Mondaine, which offers the Helvetica 1 smartwatch. Starting at $336 for a 26mm version with a fabric strap and going all the way up to $1,200 for a 40mm model with a hand winder, this device looks like a conventional, minimalist wristwatch, but it does provide some "smart" functionality. This includes activity and sleep tracking, which you can view through the companion app, though it won't deliver glanceable notifications on your wrist. It's definitely a pick for those who value style over comprehensive functionality. 


Tory Burch for Fitbit

American fashion designer Tory Burch was one of the first to jump on the wearables bandwagon through a partnership with Fitbit. The brand's released a variety of optional bands in materials such as leather and metal that dress up the activity tracker manufacturer's more sporty-looking designs. You can currently purchase Tory Burch Fitbit accessories for the Fitbit Flex through high-end stores such as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Prices for some options are north of $100, but depending on your taste and your budget it could be worth springing for one when you want to keep tracking your activity but up the stylishness quotient.

Swarovski for Misfit

The company renowned for its crystals partnered with activity tracker manufacturer Misfit to release a selection of Swarovski Activity Crystal bracelets. You can buy the blinged-out bands separately for $49 (options include black, gray and dark gray with a variety of crystal patterns) or purchase a bundle that includes a crystal-coated activity sensor instead. (The latter option costs about $119 through Misfit's site.)

Public School for Fitbit

Like Tory Burch, fashion brand Public School has partnered with Fitbit for a selection of activity tracker accessories, but in this case the selection is geared toward the Fitbit Alta, a basic but well-designed device that's made with a fashion-conscious user in mind. The brands' collaboration includes a handful of pieces, from a metal bangle to sportier bands, that will soon be available for purchase through the Fitbit website.

Hermes for Apple Watch

When it comes to wearable accessories, perhaps one of the famous — or at least one of the most luxurious — examples is French brand Hermes' partnership with Apple. You can elevate the basic rectangular watch face of Cupertino's wearable by pairing it with a leather cuff or band, though you better be willing to shell out. The Single Tour leather band starts at $340 when purchased separately from the Apple Watch, while the 42mm cuff band goes for $690. That might seem steep, but when you remember that Hermes bags sell for upwards of $10,000, it doesn't seem so surprising.


As you can see, plenty of high-end brands have recognized the appeal of wearable devices, and both devices and accessories from fashion houses offer consumers a great way to customize tech that can otherwise look sporty or simply cookie-cutter. This trend isn't going anywhere, so you should count on seeing more releases like these in the years to come.