Wearable Blankets: What They Are And Who Needs Them?

Babies to adults use these, but why?

Wearable blankets are comfortable, cozy, and can even be fun. However, despite having "wearable" in their name, they aren't wearables in the word's consumer-tech sense. They can't connect to the internet or smartphones, and they won't monitor your temperature, heart rate, or sleeping patterns.

Despite remaining technologically unsophisticated, wearable blankets are popular. As their name suggests, they're blankets that can be worn, often coming with sleeves or armholes and a zip for fastening.

Although the wearable blanket concept is simple enough, questions remain as to why you might need one. 

Wearable Blankets for Adults

A couple wearing a dual wearable blanket called The Slanket Siamese.
The Slanket

As with wearable blankets for babies and children, there aren't any "smart" adult blankets that do nifty things via the internet or smartphone apps. However, given that they're restricted less by safety requirements, adult wearable blankets tend to come in a broader range of shapes and sizes.

One of the more popular adult wearable blankets is called the Slanket (a proprietary name). When he was still a student, its creator designed the slanket for a blanket's warmth while channel surfing. This is why it comes with sleeves and fits over the shoulders like a giant sweater. Aside from having the size of a standard blanket, it even has inner pockets for the wearer's feet.

TV viewers who want to keep warm while they're watching television in winter, who may wish to prepare for falling asleep on the couch, or people stuck at home with a cold or flu might find it useful.

There are numerous well-known brands and varieties beyond the Slanket. For one, there is the Snuggie, which is another adult-sized blanket with sleeves, but which is a little smaller, tends to have thinner material, and is usually cheaper than the Slanket.

For example, Slankets usually go for around $34.99, while Snuggies are priced at $19.99. That said, some people may find the thickness of Slankets more comfortable and snug, so the choice of which one to go for all depends on what exactly you want from a wearable blanket.

Besides Snuggies, Slankets (and also Freedom Blanket), one other popular brand is Forever Lazy. It specializes in onesies, which are one-piece blankets with hoods, legs, and sleeves. Given that they're fleece, they provide the warmth of a blanket, yet the addition of legs and sleeves means that wearers retain complete mobility (which is a bit ironic, given their name).

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