Wear OS Coming to Samsung’s New Galaxy Watch This Summer

Samsung is getting first dibs on the new Wear OS later this year

Samsung’s virtual showcase at Mobile World Congress 2021 (MWC 2021) gave us our first look at its upcoming One UI Watch experience, and the first Galaxy Watch running the new OS should arrive later this year.

Samsung revealed more information about its plans for Wear OS during MWC 2021 this week, sharing news that it would also be the first smartwatch on the market to offer the new version of Wear OS to consumers.

Renders of Samsung's new One UI Watch experience


As Android Central notes, however, it is strange to see Samsung getting priority over Fitbit, which Google purchased earlier in the year. However, Fitbit also has plans to deliver a Wear OS smartwatch, which we could learn more about in the future.

For now, though, it looks like Samsung users will be the first to get access to the revamped Wear OS, alongside the changes the company is making with its One UI Watch. Samsung also said that it will allow other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to customize the One UI Watch platform, similar to how Android already works on many devices.

Unfortunately, Samsung has been quiet about what exactly it has planned for its next Galaxy smartwatch, so we’re not sure what it will include. However, several leaks have pointed toward a new design, as well as a better performing internal chip, and even some advanced health sensors that could offer features similar to the Apple Watch. 

Samsung has a new Unpacked event planned for the summer, which is most likely when we’ll learn more about its plans for Wear OS and the future of the Galaxy smartwatch lineup.

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