Waze Has 12 New Driving Modes That Change According to Your Zodiac Sign

Leos and Libras and Scorpios, oh my!

Navigation app Waze has just offered a robust system update with a rather unique way to customize the driving experience. 

The new mode, appropriately-named Zodiac, features a knowledgeable astrology guide as a navigator. Waze says that this new mode adjusts its style and personality depending on your birthday and, as such, your sign. For instance, if you are an Aries, the navigator might recall your fiery nature as you drive and Virgos get slightly more directional nuance to accommodate your “detail-oriented” nature.

Waze Zodiac

This is an astrology-based service, so the system will also give you a quick reading before you arrive at your destination if that is your bag. Waze says that these readings will be given with “love, life advice, and a little teasing.”

You can activate the service by updating the app and perusing the new “Customize Your Drive” setting via the left menu. 

It's not all just astrology, either. The update also features some new entertainment-based add-ons, allowing users to select from a number of themes that “fits their mood.” The company says that there are entertainment options for every type of drive. 

For long road trips, Waze recommends pop star singalongs with Christina Aguilera. To help keep the kids entertained, there is a new Fraggle Rock customization option. There is even a new mindfulness-based selection to help get you centered before rolling into work. The company also says there is a mode based on the video game Halo to “liven up a traffic-filled route with some action.” 

Customize Your Drive is available today to users based in the US, with the update rolling out to more markets in the near future. 

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