Waze Adds Host Karamo Brown to Its Growing Roster of Celebrity Navigators

It hopes to make "every journey on the road a little more positive"

Waze is adding another celebrity navigator to its stable, TV host Karamo Brown. 

Brown is best known for Queer Eye and for hosting his own daily talk show. He joins the likes of DJ Khaled, Morgan Freeman, and, uh, Master Chief from Halo by adding a bit of flair to the GPS navigation experience.

Karamo Brown Waze

Here's how it works. You open Waze and look for the "Drive with Karamo" banner. Once activated, the talk show host will replace the default robot voice as you drive around. 

Brown is all about positivity and taking time to smell the roses, and his Waze personality is no different. The company says this new experience helps give users a "new perspective on driving" to help them "appreciate the journey, not just the destination." 

They liken it to driving with a therapist or self-help guru. In other words, Karamo Brown won't just issue droll "turn right at the next stoplight" notifications, as he'll also use his words to help people decompress and remain free from anxiety, even when caught in that dreaded rush hour traffic. 

"I'm so excited to be part of the latest driving experience on Waze, which brings my passion for helping people to drivers everywhere by making every journey on the road a little more positive," Karamo says.

The app lets you choose from a calm or centered mood, and Karamo Brown is available to use right now for your next commute. He's only for US residents, however, so other countries will have to get their own Netflix-star-turned-talk-show-host.

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