Ways to Search With Google - Get the Best Results

Google can find web pages, images, maps and more. Explore some of the more interesting ways you can Google.

Google's main search engine is located at http://www.google.com. This is the way most people use Google. In fact, the verb “to google” means performing a web search. For a default web search, simply go to Google’s home page and type in one or more keywords. Press the Google Search button, and the search results will appear.

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You used to be able to just press the I'm Feeling Lucky Button to go to the first result. These days it spins to reveal a category, "I'm feeling... artsy" and then goes to a random page.  More »

Click the Advanced Search link to refine your search terms. Exclude words or specify exact phrases. You can also set your language preferences to only search for web pages written in one or more languages. You can also specify that your search results be filtered to avoid adult content. More »

Click on the Images link in a Google web search to find pictures and graphic files that match your search keywords. You can specify small, medium, or large images. Images found in Google Image may still be under copyright protection from the image creator. More »

Use Google Groups to search for posts on public Google Groups forums and USENET postings as far back as 1981. More »

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Google News lets you search for your keywords in news articles from various sources. Search results give a preview of the news item, offer a link to similar items and tell you how recently the linked story was updated. You can also use Alerts to tell you if future news items are created that fit your search criteria.

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Google Maps lets you find driving directions to and from a location as well as restaurants and other places of interest near that location. You can also search for keywords and Google will find locations, schools, and businesses that match those keywords. Google Maps can show maps, satellite images, or a hybrid of both.

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Google Blog Search lets you search through blogs by keyword. Find blogs on topics you enjoy or just find specific postings. Google will even find blog postings in blogs that were not created with Google’s blogging tool, Blogger.

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Google Book Search lets you search for keywords within Google’s large database of books. Search results will tell you exactly which page your keywords can be found along with more information on where to find the book. More »

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