Ways to Increase Your iPhone App Ranking in the App Store

The Apple App Store manages to remain right on top of the heap, as far as app store ranking is concerned. No amount of competition seems to upset this company’s “apple” cart. This quality has made this particular app marketplace the most preferred, both among app developers and users alike. As an app developer, you would be well aware that the App Store readily features its top apps, which it updates on a daily basis. These include free, paid and top grossing apps. So how do you increase your app ranking to the extent of getting featured in this list of top apps? Read on to find out more….

Advertising – One of the Key Factors

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Much of your iPhone app marketing success depends on the way you promote your app in the Apple App Store. The key to successful marketing lies in great advertising. Pull out all the stops on your advertising campaign and do everything you possibly can to gain your viewers’ attention. Think out of the box and offer your viewers a different experience of your app.

Promotional campaigns will definitely work to get your app a lot of public attention. Continuing with this type of campaign for a few days, especially over a weekend, will probably work to benefit you the most. Weekend traffic is always much heavier than weekdays. Take advantage of this factor to promote you iPhone app to the maximum possible extent.

Offering discounts and special introductory offers will help push your app ranking further. Your main intention at this point should be to attract more users toward your app. Once users like your app, they will automatically start promoting it through word of mouth.

Sharply Target Your Users

Do some homework in advance and find out what it is that makes the top apps click. Also try and identify what users are looking for in their apps. Once that is done, go ahead and plan a proper title, description and keywords for promoting your app. Make sure that you add the term “Free” if you do not intend to charge for your app. In case you want to offer your users a “Lite” version of your app as a trial, clearly mention that aspect as well.

Create a Website for Your iPhone App

The next step is to create a professional Website for your app. Add clear images of your app therein, along with some videos and app reviews, if possible. Ensure that your Website is easy for users to navigate it and make the whole experience engaging for them. Also, post your videos on YouTube, so that your app gets even more viewership.

Go about promoting this Website on all the popular social networks and app user forums. Encourage users to record their feedback and/or reviews about your app.

Creating an iTunes Web Preview

This step is also vital for the ultimate success of your app in the Apple App Store. Make sure that the iTunes Web preview for your app is nothing short of perfect. Use the right description, keywords, meta description and meta keywords for your app. Remember, these pages are indexed in search engines and the right information will automatically provide more visibility for your app.

Hone your copywriting skills or hire a professional for the same – using the right words will definitely help generate interest among your viewers.

Bring Your iPhone App to the Spotlight

See to it that your app receives the maximum media attention possible. Give out a press release about your app, requesting media channels to cover the same. Let users know what it is that makes your app especially noteworthy and tell them how they will be able to benefit from the use of your app. Creating a media hype of your app is sure to drive much more user attention toward your iPhone app.

Also try cross-promotion for your app, whenever possible. Contact other developers and try an in-app advertising exchange of sorts. This will benefit both of you.

Launch Your App at Trade Shows

Introducing your app at key events and trade shows, just before the actual, official launch of your app, will work wonders for your app promotion. These events automatically bring you the media attention your app needs, without you having to put in too much extra effort for the same. This could well lead to an increased ranking for your app when it enters the App Store.

Can you think of other ways to increase your iPhone app ranking in the Apple App Store? Do let us know your thoughts.