Ways to Achieve Success in the Mobile App Marketplace

Understanding What Makes an App a Success in the Marketplace

The mobile app industry is now booming more than ever before. The huge variety of mobile OS’ and the ever-rising demand for apps for these different mobile systems is consequently creating a corresponding increase of mobile app developers for these OS’ and mobile devices. While developers submit hordes of apps to the major app stores each day, there is actually only a minute fraction of apps that gets recognized by users. Of course, the app submission process itself is complicated, but over and above all that, there is something special in the apps that make big success in the app marketplace. Here, we try to understand what it is that makes an app a success in the marketplace.

Most developers create mobile apps only because they love to do so. Hence, profitability cannot be the necessary consideration here. However, every developer dreams about creating apps that veritably take the mobile market by storm. They dream of making so much profit out of it that they can eventually think of quitting their jobs and devote their entire time to their primary passion – mobile app development.

With so much competition in the market, though, it gets much more difficult for the developer to achieve the kind of success he or she dreams of. Hence, the need of the hour would be to try and understand what it is that makes an app a success in the market.

Listed below are some of the most important aspects of an app’s success:

Mobile App Marketing

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Once you have developed your app, you next need to let the world know of your talent. It is no use simply creating an app and then sitting on it quietly – you need to make public aware of your app.

Here is where mobile app marketing comes of great use to you. Of course, the entire process is not easy and comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Having said this, it is the only way to get users to try out your app, rate it and also spread news about it by way of mouth, which, by the way, happens to be the most powerful marketing technique of them all!

User Acceptance of the App

The degree to which users accept your app depends on a variety of aspects, such as the freebies or discounts you offer with it, whether you are offering a free trial version, the pricing of your app and so on.

Using the “freemium model”, that is, offering a free “lite” version of your app, usually works well for paid apps. This model encourages users to download the free version, so that they can get a general feel of your app.

Mobile Users are Fickle

Always keep in mind that there is nothing such as loyalty among mobile app users. The mobile world is constantly changing and the mobile user population portrays this trend as well.

Generally speaking, about 40 percent of downloaded apps are deleted within the first 2 or 3 weeks of use. Gaming apps may survive a wee bit longer than that, if they manage to engage the mobile user. In any case, most of these downloaded apps are eventually deleted from the users’ mobile devices and are forgotten altogether.

What You can Do About It

You, as the app developer, must understand that your app can make it mark only and only if it has something special to offer to the mobile user – something different from the other apps in the market. Of course, this is easier said than done, as there is a very high degree of saturation in all major app stores.

However, there are apps such as Angry Birds, which has emerged a clear winner in the marketplace. This app, which was originally developed for the Apple iOS, is also available on several other mobile platforms, including the Android OS.

In Conclusion

In order to succeed in the marketplace, your app has to possess the qualities of being entertaining and engaging; being usable and useful ; being novel in some way or other; and of course, offering a free version of freebies with it.

In general, an app’s success has been found to depend on the three major “E’s”, which are as follows: “Entertaining”, “Efficient” and “Enjoyable”.