5 Best Ways to Search eBay for Deals

How to search on eBay to find what you want

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Searching for deals on eBay is fairly easy with the default search bar. However, given that eBay is the world's leading auction site, its massive collection of items can be difficult to sift through.

Maybe you're wanting only items that offer free shipping, or just the products that are popular right now. If there's a seller you like to buy from, you can do a user search to find their products. If you prefer an auction over a Buy It Now item, you can search eBay for those things, too.

Regardless of what you're after, below are the best ways to find things on eBay. Between these methods, you'll have all that you need to find exactly what you're after or to locate the best deals on eBay.

eBay Advanced Search: Lots of Additional Search Options

eBay Advanced Search page

eBay's Advanced Search tool is available through the Advanced link next to the regular search bar. In there are tons of advanced search options to help your eBay search.

The advanced search page is where you can search eBay Motors, run a seller search, and find products by their item number.

Here are some other things that Advanced Search on eBay can do:

  • Search eBay Classified Ads
  • Find eBay items in a particular category
  • Search using the exact words you enter
  • Find items that have already sold
  • Show items that fall between two price points
  • Locate only eBay auctions or Buy It Now items
  • Find new or used items on eBay
  • Show results where the listing is ending in a certain number of hours days or started a specific time ago
  • Filter eBay results by bid count
  • Find only free shipping items on eBay or ones that support local pickup

eBay Sitemap: Listing of All Product Categories

eBay Sitemap

eBay's sitemap page is the "umbrella" over the website's entire range of offerings, from tablets and crafts to collectibles, movies, watches, clothing, pet supplies, musical instruments, glass, books, and lots more.

The sitemap on eBay is a good place to start a general search with a wide focus, especially if you're not sure what you're looking for specifically but you still want to browse a particular type of product. It's also the easiest way to see all that eBay offers in one glance.

A quick way to sift through this cumbersome page is to use your browser's find tool, which is usually Ctrl+F (Windows) or Command+F (Mac).

Stores Hub: Search eBay by Store

eBay Stores Hub

Stores Hub is the page on eBay that lets you find products not by keyword or category but instead by the store that's selling the items.

Use the link below to browse through the stores manually by category (e.g., Fashion Stores to find Adidas products), or use the Store Search page to search for a store by name.

Once you're on a store's page, you can see their auctions, Buy It Now listings, and subcategories. You can even search through a specific store on eBay.

Trending Deals: What's Popular on eBay Right Now

Trending deals on eBay

A normal eBay search won't show you what's popular on eBay. For that, you need to access the Trending Deals page.

This part of eBay is easy to understand and simple to sift through. Just pick a category or view all categories at once, and then scroll down to see all the trending deals on eBay.

Items expiring soon will say Almost gone, otherwise, this page works just like other parts of the site. Click any item to see more information about it, like its Buy It Now price if there is one, the current state of the auction, shipping charges, etc.

You can search within the deals page, too, using the All Deals search at the top of the page.

Trending Deals is a subsection of the Daily Deals page on eBay. Go there for even more ways to find products.

The Brand Outlet: Search eBay for Brand-Name Savings

The Brand Outlet page on eBay

Another eBay search method for finding deals is from the Brand Outlet. There are countless discounts here from names you probably recognize.

The categories you can look through include interests and activities, fashion and health, and tech and home. You can also select any of the stores listed on the side of the page, such as ASUS, Dyson, New Balance, Google, GNC, Samsung, The North Face, or Rockwell.