Ways the iPad Can Enhance Your Sex Life

couple in bed with iPad
Getty Images / JGI / Jamie Grill

"There's an app for that."

Yes. There's an app for that too. While Apple is known for having guidelines against actual nudity in the app store, there are plenty of apps and uses for the iPad that can -- well, if not improve your sex life, at the very least, add a digital side to it.

Read Erotica

Have you ever wanted a little mood lighting with your erotica? The downside of literature as a form of foreplay is the amount of light needed to read the words. The great thing about the iPad is that you can turn down the brightness and still manage to see the letters. This makes it a great way to bring erotica into the equation.  

And what about hands-free erotica?  If you think you might have better things to do with your hands, you can have your erotica read to you using a popular audio books app like Audio Books or Audible.

Check out the Kamasutra

Let's not forget the educational benefits of an iPad! The iPad can not only get you in the mood, it can give you ideas on what to do once you get there. The Kamasutra is one of the most well-known books on sexual instruction, depicting various positions for those hoping to add some variety.  The ​Big Book of Kamasutra is just one of many apps designed to give instruction to the adventurous.

Strip (Whatever...)

You know those sex dice and other sex games you find in the corner of a novelty store or on display at an adult store? Unfortunately, there's not really an app for that. Or, at least, not an app worthy of the download. But the fun part about the bedroom is that almost any game can be foreplay. I'd suggest Strip Temple Run. And remember, it's not about who collects the most coins. It's about who tickles their partner in order to win that last piece of clothing. 

Watch Sensual Movies

There are so many ways to stream movies to the iPad, this one should be a no-brainer.  It's also a great way to get things started.  I'm not talking about straight-out porn here (we'll get to porn later), simply any movie that can put both partners in the mood.  If you have a Netflix subscription, you can check out the Huffington Post's 15 Sexiest Movies on Netflix

Have Fun With the Camera

Who needs sexy movies when you can make your own? The camera has long been a fun form of foreplay. And with the iPad, you can choose between taking still shots or shooting your own video. This can be a fun exercise or used as part of roleplay, perhaps pretending to shoot pictures of a model for a magazine when things get a little steamy, etc.  

Just remember that the device you are holding in your hand is probably connected to the Internet. My advice is to place the iPad into airplane mode before you start. This ensures any photos or video doesn't automatically get uploaded to your Photo Stream or iCloud Photo Library. And if you plan on deleting them later, remember the Photos app now has a "Recently Deleted" album, which means you need to delete that photo or video twice to get it completely off your device.

Erotic Videoconferencing

The fun doesn't need to stop when one of you are away from home. Phone sex? That's so last century! The iPad's large screen makes it the perfect way to keep that connection even when you are miles away.  You can use FaceTime for all kinds of fun, such as a long-distance game of strip poker or a visual-only version of truth or dare.


One interesting result of the sex census conducted by relate and Ann Summers was that yes, in fact, women do watch porn. While not as many women watch as men -- 41% of women said they watched pornography at least once a month compared to 76% of men -- it may be a something worth exploring with your partner. If you want to go beyond erotic literature and sensual movies, the iPad can certainly deliver. Just remember to either put the iPad in private browsing mode or to delete your web history.