How to Add a Watermark to a Photo in Paint Shop Pro

Photo watermarked in PSP X9

 Lifewire/David A. Barber

Placing a watermark on images that you plan to post on the Web will identify them as your own work and discourage people from copying them or claiming them as their own. Here's a simple way to add a watermark in Paint Shop Pro 6.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Required: 2 minutes

Newer versions of PSP have a Watermarking Tool (In the Image dropdown menu) that allows you to take a premade text or logo image and use it to watermark your photo quickly and easily.

Here's How

  1. Open an image.
  2. Select the text tool and click on the image where you want to place the text.
  3. In the text entry dialog, type the copyright symbol or any other text you want to use for a watermark.
  4. Still in the text entry dialog, highlight the text by dragging across it and set the font, text size and formatting as desired.
  5. With the text still highlighted, click the color swatch and set the text color to 50% gray (RGB values 128-128-128).
  6. Still in the text entry dialog, make sure "create as vector" is selected, then click OK to place the text.
  7. Scale and position the text if necessary.
  8. After positioning the text go to Layers > Convert to Raster. You will not be able to edit the text after this step.
  9. Go to Image > Effects > Inner Bevel.
  10. In the inner bevel options, set the Bevel to the second choice, width=2, smoothness=30, depth=15, ambience=0, shininess=10, light color=white, angle=315, intensity=50, elevation=30.
  11. Click OK to apply the inner bevel.
  12. Go to Layers > Properties and set the Blend Mode to Hard Light.


  1. The bevel settings above work well for large text sizes. You may need to adjust the values according to your text size.
  2. Experiment with different bevel settings for different effects. When you find settings you like, use the "Save As..." button to save them for future use.
  3. The hard light blend mode causes any pixels that are 50% gray to become invisible. When choosing bevel options, avoid shifting the overall color too much from the original 50% gray. The light elevation setting can shift the overall color.
  4. You are not restricted to text for this effect. Try using a logo or symbol as a watermark. If you use the same watermark often, save it to a file that can be dropped into an image any time you need it.
  5. The Windows keyboard shortcut for the copyright (©) symbol is Alt+0169 (use the numeric keypad to type the numbers).