WatchOS 8.0.1 Fixes Issues With Apple Watch Series 3

Apple says it should make accessibility features more useable

The new watchOS 8.0.1 update addresses the problems that some Apple Watch Series 3 owners have been facing with the new operating system.

Apple Watch Series 3 users have had some problems with watchOS 8 since its launch last month, which Apple hopes to fix with the latest watchOS 8.0.1 update. While the watchOS 8.0.1 update notes don't get too specific, they state that it addresses the issue of Accessibility settings not appearing for some users. The update also should fix the problem of software update progress not displaying properly.

Apple Watch Series 3


If you use an Apple Watch Series 3 and have been experiencing either or both of these issues, this update is for you. It's unclear exactly what caused these issues in the first place, but Apple is addressing them.

The inability to use Assistive Touch on the Apple Watch Series 3 does make sense, as the feature isn't available for the older model. However, it doesn't appear Apple intended for all Accessibility settings to be disabled.

It seems Apple has been giving more consideration to the Apple Watch Series 3 lately, compared to the installation issues people were having with watchOS 7.5. It's the oldest Apple Watch model still on the market, and getting a dedicated update means Apple likely intends to keep it around for a while longer.

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The new watchOS 8.0.1 update is available and may have downloaded and installed itself already if you have automatic installation turned on.

Otherwise, you can manually check for the update and start downloading it.

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