How to Watch YouTube on Nintendo Switch

Get your favorite YouTube videos on the go

A Nintendo Switch console sits on a white surface.

Getty Images/Drew Angerer


When it comes to watching videos on the internet, YouTube is the place to go and now you can access it right from your Nintendo Switch. Whether you want to catch up on the news, chill out to funny videos of animals, or sit down for a Let's Play of the newest game, you can see it all once you've downloaded the app to your console.

  1. Open the Nintendo eStore on your Nintendo Switch.

  2. Search for YouTube.

  3. Download and install YouTube. You'll be able to start watching even without logging into YouTube.

How to Sign Into YouTube on the Nintendo Switch

It's easy to access YouTube on Nintendo Switch. In fact, you don't even need to sign in to an account to search or watch videos. Of course, if you have playlists, favorite channels, or want to save videos then you will want to go ahead and sign in. It's free to do so and will give you access to almost everything YouTube has to offer. The exception being YouTube Red content which does require a YouTube Premium account to take advantage of.

  1. Navigate to sign in inside the YouTube app.

  2. Sign in using the Google Account associated with your YouTube account.

How to Navigate the YouTube App on Nintendo Switch

Navigating the YouTube app within Nintendo Switch may also be a bit different than you are used to. You'll use the left joystick, or your D-pad in order to move around the app and select videos or functions. For the time being, the YouTube app doesn't have swipe compatibility. Once you've selected and started a video you'll also see a menu at the bottom of the screen with several different icons that do different things.

  • Home Icon: Selecting this icon will let you return to the YouTube home menu. It resembles a house.
  • Play icon: Selecting this icon will start your video. It is a triangle that points to the right.
  • Closed Caption icon: Selecting this icon will display captions if they are available for the video. The icon is two C's inside a square.

When you play a video there is also a More Actions option. By selecting this button you'll see the additional options for a video. You can subscribe to the channel, rate the video you are watching, or flag a video for violating community guidelines.

Parental Controls and YouTube on Nintendo Switch

The scary thing for some parents about the YouTube app is that kids can access anything that they want on the app. So if you're dealing with children of different ages, some who are allowed to watch videos by themselves, and some who still need supervision, then you may want to put parental controls in place.

At pre-teen and child levels of parental controls, the YouTube Switch app will be locked. Teen and Unrestricted will allow access to the app. You can access the parental controls from within the settings menu inside the YouTube app on the Nintendo Switch.