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See the hosts’ many facial expressions

Listening to podcasts is great, but sometimes you want to see the episode as it happens and attach a face to the hosts’ voices.

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Following its previous podcast improvements (including Top and Trending Podcast charts), Spotify is now introducing video podcasts to accompany their audio counterparts.

Seeing is believing: Spotify is calling this the “first version” of its video podcast endeavors, which only supports select podcasts—The Misfits Podcast, The Morning Toast, and The Rooster Teeth Podcast, for example—but is available to all free and Premium subscribers.

What Spotify says: “Many podcast fans love watching their favorite podcasts as much as they enjoy listening to them. Through these visuals, fans can get to know their favorite podcast hosts even better, and creators can more deeply connect with their audiences.”

How video podcasts work: To watch a video podcast, all you have to do is find the podcast and select play. The video will start automatically and will sync with the audio. (Thank goodness!) Best of all, if you choose to open another app, a browser tab, or lock your device, the podcast will continue uninterrupted. You can also download the audio version like you normally would.

Bottom line: If you’re a Spotify subscriber, things are looking better for you every day, and you have more ways to engage with podcasts in new ways. So why not take full advantage of it and get a good look at the people talking into your ears?

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