Ways to Watch WWDC on Your Apple TV

Stay up-to-date with news from Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference

Apple CEO Tim Cook Kicks Off Worldwide Developers Conference
The 2018 WWCD kicked off in San Jose, CA on June 4, 2018. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Apple's biggest event, the Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC), takes place annually. The most important date of the year for Apple, WWDC is where the company sets the scene for its platforms for the next 12 months. Apple Music, watchOS, iOS, tvOS, and macOS were among the highlights in previous keynotes. Interestingly, if you own an AppleTV, you can stream the event via your device and stay up-to-date with all the latest updates and happenings within the company. Read on to find out how.

The WWDC App

Each year Apple introduces the latest edition of its WWDC app with versions for both Apple TV and iOS users to let them watch key sessions, talks, and the opening keynote right inside the app.

This isn't just because Apple wants you to see it, it is also because the company knows that tens of thousands of professional developers want to attend its annual event, more than can possibly do so, and that's why it makes these clips available through the app.

What this means for the rest of us is that if we want to enhance our understanding of how Apple's operating systems work or even plan to become developers ourselves, all the information we need is just a few clicks away using our Siri Remote Control and Apple TV.

Features include:

  • Livestream of sessions
  • Access to on-demand videos from this and previous years
  • Auto-sync, which means you can start watching a session on your iPad and then watch the rest of it from exactly where you left off using any iOS device. 

The Apple Events App

Apple also publishes its Apple Events app. The app doesn't provide the full WWDC experience provided by the developer-focused WWDC app mentioned above, but it does provide you with streaming access to every single one of the company's keynote speeches, at the show and elsewhere.

At WWDC, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, will be joined on stage by key Apple staff and third-party partners to announce new products, software, strategies and more, and hear about new versions of iOS, tvOS and watchOS discussed at the show. You can also use this app to take a look at earlier Apple keynote events, including the previous year's iPhone announcement.

Tweets on Apple TV

Many now recognize that Twitter is a fantastic way in which to keep up with news events and to gauge reaction to such events.

There is an app named Avian that lets you explore Twitter in an interesting way on your Apple TV. It has two great features that should help you get gather insight into events at WWDC:

  • You can set the app to monitor Tweets only from a certain location, such as San Jose.
  • You can ask Avian to monitor for mentions of specific hashtags.

Asking the app to monitor Tweets mentioning WWDC around the location of the event will give you an excellent insight into what developers are most excited about and most actively discussing during the week of WWDC. This kind of location-based monitoring should help you build a sense of what sort of products and solutions you may see from Apple in the coming year.