How to Watch TikTok on Your TV

Install an app or share your screen

What to Know

  • You have two options: Install TikTok on your smart TV, or share your device's screen with your TV.
  • The TikTok TV app can run directly from some Samsung, LG, and Android TVs.
  • Mirroring and casting work from phones, tablets, and computers.

This article explains the different ways you can watch TikTok on your TV. The directions apply to Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, macOS, and a variety of smart TVs and streaming devices.

How Do I Stream TikTok to My TV?

If you have a supported device, you can install TikTok right on your TV, log in to your account, and watch videos on the big screen. If you don't have a TV that works like that, the other option is to use the app normally on your phone, tablet, or computer, but then use screen mirroring to show the videos on your TV.

Install the TikTok TV App

The TV app works with these devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • LG smart TVs (2018 (webOS 4.0) and newer models)
  • Samsung smart TVs

These steps include screenshots from Android TV, but the steps should be essentially the same for other supported sets.

  1. Search for TikTok from the Apps menu on the TV.

    If you're using Android TV, you can trigger the installation from a computer through the link below, as long as your TV is signed in to the same Google account as your computer. If you do that, continue with Step 3 below.

    Otherwise, follow the rest of these steps from the TV itself.

    If you're not sure if this will work for your TV, click the link anyway. You can't use this method if you see the message This app is not available for any of your devices.

  2. Select Install on that screen, and then wait while it downloads and installs to your TV.

    TikTok for Android TV install button
  3. Locate the app if you're not there already, and select Open or Launch.

  4. Use the Log in button to sign in to your TikTok account, or press Watch now to start watching without an account.

    TikTok for Android TV watch now button

Cast or Mirror TikTok to Your TV

Another method is to wirelessly project your screen to the TV. The streaming takes place on your mobile device or computer, and the video and audio are transferred from there to your TV.

There are a few ways to do this, and each method works even if you don't have one of the devices listed above.

Learn how to mirror Android to a TV, or how to mirror an iPhone to a TV for step-by-step directions. If you use TikTok on your iPad, you can connect the iPad to the TV.

Android screen projection setting with TikTok
Android cast option.

Or maybe you'd prefer to mirror your computer to your TV. If you have a Chromecast and you like to watch TikTok in Chrome, you can also cast that one tab to your TV.

Cast option for TikTok in Chrome
Cast option for TikTok in Chrome.

Connect to the TV With HDMI

If those wireless methods have been unhelpful, you can always connect your device to your TV over HDMI. It's a physical connection, so you'll need to sit closer to the TV than you might prefer, but it'll create a more stable connection than wireless, and will work for all modern TVs and projectors.

Follow one of these guides, depending on your device: connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV, connect your Android device to your TV, or connect your computer to your TV.

Why Isn't TikTok Connecting to My TV?

Unlike YouTube and other services available on virtually every screen imaginable, TikTok has remained only a mobile phone app in the US until 2021 when it came to TVs as an app called TikTok TV. Currently, Europe and North America are the only regions where that app is available. If you can't watch TikTok through the smart TV app, your location is likely the reason.

You also need to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your TV if you're casting or mirroring your device. If your phone, tablet, or computer won't play TikTok on your TV, first check that they're on the same network.

Mirroring and casting issues can arise if you're not familiar with how it all works. Mirroring requires a compatible TV or streaming stick, so TikTok won't show up on your screen if your device is unable to mirror itself.

Casting isn't supported in the TikTok app itself, so the only way to cast those videos to your TV is through your desktop browser. There are several things you can do to fix it when Chromecast isn't working.

  • How do I watch TikTok on a Roku TV?

    The Roku app store doesn't currently have a TikTok app. Some third-party options might be available, but if you're concerned about installing something unofficial, you should use a casting option.

  • How do I watch TikTok Live on a TV?

    If your TV has a TikTok app, you can watch streams on TikTok Live directly from there. Otherwise, pull up the feed you want to watch on another device and share its screen with the TV.

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