How to Watch the Roku Channel Without a Roku Device

Use the Roku Channel app or the web player

You don't need to own a Roku device to watch the Roku Channel; you don't even need to have any sort of account.

How to Watch the Roku Channel with the Mobile App

Roku offers its own streaming channel which includes a wide variety of free television, movies, and sports, along with the option of subscribing to premium content as well.

You can stream the Roku Channel from any Roku device or Roku smart TV, of course, but it's available on other devices as well. You can watch it from a web browser or mobile device:

  1. Open the Roku Channel in any web browser. This gives you access to a broad selection of TV programs and movies.

    The Roku Channel web page
  2. Open the Roku Channel's Live TV page in any web browser. This page is dedicated to Roku's lineup of live TV, which includes news, sports, and other programming.

  3. Watch the Roku channel on an Android device using the Roku Channel Android app.

That's actually it. If a window pops up asking you to sign up, you can just click "I'll do it later" and it won't ask you again. You can watch Roku's standard content on any of or free. You don't need to own a Roku device or have a Roku account.

Roku separates the ordinary streaming programming from the live TV programming on the web, so you'll want to bookmark both pages so you can browse them later.

All three tabs of the Roku Channel mobile app

Roku Mobile Apps

Roku supports Android and iOS. All the content is combined in the mobile apps, though; you can switch among ordinary free content, premium subscription services, and live TV using the three tabs at the bottom of the app screen.

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What's Included on the Roku Channel List

Roku offers a surprisingly large library of content on the Roku Channel, and most of it is free, whether you have a Roku device or not.

 The channel includes free television programs and a rotating selection of free feature-length movies.

There's also a limited selection of live TV and live sports. These shows are streamed as they're broadcast, and you don't have the ability to control playback or restart these from the beginning.

Unfortunately, Roku doesn't include a comprehensive category guide, so you're limited to scanning the categories listed on the website home page or the app's home page. There are over 40 categories in all including: Adventure, Fantasy, Family Night, Mysteries, Drama, Comedy, and more.

You can also subscribe to premium channels. Roku makes streaming channels available such as Starz, Showtime, HBO, Sundance Now, and even the science documentary platform, CuriosityStream.