How to Watch Recorded Video on Amazon Echo Show

You can watch recordings as well as live security feeds

Echo Show

 Daylen / Wikimedia Commons

There are countless smart home devices you can control with a little help from Alexa. With devices such as baby monitors and home security cameras, the Amazon Echo Show allows you to check on areas of your home with a single command. Soon, you'll be able to view recent recordings with certain devices. 

Which Smart Home Camera Brands Can You Use?

The following smart camera brands are capable of displaying live video feeds on Echo Show devices:

  • Ring 
  • Arlo 
  • Nest 
  • August 
  • EZViz 
  • Vivint 
  • Amcrest 
  • Logitech 
  • IC Realtime

Recorded Video Feed Capability Released

In August 2018, Amazon introduced the capability to watch recorded video feeds from smart home cameras on the Echo Show as well as the Echo Spot, Fire TV, and Fire Tablets. This capability is currently available for the following devices only:

  • Ring 
  • Arlo
  • Cloud Cam 
  • August  

Echo Show Video Commands

Once you've connected a compatible smart home camera to Amazon's Alexa, you can use simple commands to watch the live feed on your Echo Show. To view the live feed, say the wake word, followed by “Show [camera name].” 

(The wake word is usually “Alexa,” unless you changed it to "Amazon," "Computer," or "Echo.")

Nest camera
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For example, if you have a Ring doorbell connected to Alexa, you would say, “Alexa, show me the front door,” and Alexa would respond, “OK, getting the front door camera.” The camera feed appears so you can view and hear what is taking place.

You can stop watching the feed by saying, Alexa, hide [camera name],” or “Alexa, stop the [camera name] camera.”

If the compatible smart home camera you have connected to Amazon Alexa has the Cameras Recap skill enabled, you can use your Echo Show to view the most recent recorded event on your camera.

To view the recorded recap, simply say, Alexa, show the event that just happened on [camera name].” For instance, if you have a Cloud Cam at your back door and you heard a noise coming from there, you could say, “Alexa, show the event that just happened at the back door.” The most recent recording will appear on your Echo Show.

You can find out more about the Alexa skills available for your particular smart home camera by searching for Alexa Skills on Amazon or on the Alexa app. Search for the brand name of your camera to find out what skills are currently available. 

Echo Show Camera Feed Limitations

The length of time your Echo Show will display a camera feed depends on the camera model and its settings. When you exceed the streaming limits for the camera, the feed will automatically time out. However, you can reopen it again at any time simply by asking Alexa to show you the camera again.

Currently, you're unable to ask Alexa to show you the camera feed from a certain date or time. The Cameras Recap skill is also currently only available for Ring, Arlo, Cloud Cam, and August branded cameras and only for developers in the U.S., although Amazon is working to provide broader support soon.