Where to Watch One Piece Anime Episodes Online for Free

Stream and download One Piece episodes in Japanese and English

Popular anime series, One Piece

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Anime fans have several options for where to watch One Piece online. Some methods require a subscription services, but if you don't mind reading subtitles, you can watch every episode of One Piece for free on the web.

Information in this article applies to the 1999 anime franchise One Piece including all spin-off movies and TV specials.

Where Can You Watch One Piece Online for Free?

Availability of One Piece episodes may differ depending on your region, but you can likely find them for free on the following websites.

Watch One Piece for Free on Neon Alley

Neon Alley is part of Vizzed.com. The episodes available on Neon Alley are only in Japanese with English subtitles, but with over 700 available for free, it's hard to complain.

Watch One Piece episodes for free online at Neon Alley.

Watch One Piece on Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll offers numerous apps that allows you to stream One Piece on your tablet, smartphone, smart TV, or gaming consoles. If you don't mind sitting through commercials, you can watch for free.

Watch One Piece episodes for free online at Crunchy Roll.

Watch One Piece on Funimation

Funimation has 13 seasons of One Piece in addition to exclusive TV specials. Most episodes are only available in Japanese, but some are available in both languages.

Watch One Piece episodes for free online at Funimation.

Watch One Piece on WatchOnePiece.co

On top of offering subbed and dubbed episodes of One Piece streaming for free, WatchOnePiece.co provides links to places where you can download episodes.

Watch One Piece episodes for free online at WatchOnePiece.co.

Watch on OnePieceOfficial.com

The official One Piece website has several episodes to watch, but the site can be challenging to navigate.

Watch One Piece episodes for free online at OnePieceOfficial.com.

Watch One Piece on Hulu

Hulu has over 600 episodes of the original One Piece anime in Japanese with English subtitles, but there are also over 100 episodes with English audio. Subscription plans to access the entire Hulu library of shows and movies start as low as $7.99 a month, but you can pay more to remove commercials. Hulu is also available to watch on gaming consoles, smartphones, and a variety of smart TVs.

Watch One Piece episodes on Hulu.

Buy Episodes of One Piece on iTunes and Xbox

If you prefer to own digital copies of your favorite episodes that can be viewed offline, you can buy them from services like Amazon Prime Video, Apple's iTunes Store and Microsoft's Xbox Video.