How to Install and Watch Netflix on Roku

After adding Netflix, you'll need to log in to your account to start streaming

What to Know

  • Install Netflix: Select Search from the menu > search for Netflix > select it > Add channel.
  • Watch Netflix: Open app > Sign in > Sign In with Phone > scan QR code from phone > enter code from TV.
  • Important: Logging out/deleting the Netflix app does not end your subscription. You must cancel the account.

This article explains how to install Netflix on your Roku and how to log in to your Netflix account to start streaming your favorite movies and shows. These directions apply specifically to Roku Streaming Stick, but they should work similarly for Roku TV and other models.

How to Get Netflix on Roku

If Netflix isn't yet installed, follow the below steps to add the channel to Roku. If Netflix is already installed, skip down to the next set of directions to learn how to log in so you can actually start streaming videos.

These steps assume you've already created a Roku account and set up your Roku.

  1. Press Home on the Roku remote.

    If your remote has a Netflix button, press it now and then skip down to Step 5.

  2. Scroll to and select Search.

    The Search menu item highlighted on a Roku's home screen.
  3. Type Netflix.

  4. Select the Netflix channel.

    Netflix in Roku search

    Netflix is available on select Roku devices, and some streaming features don't work on every Roku model. Review Netflix's How to Use Netflix on Your Roku page for those details.

  5. Choose Add channel.

    The Netflix app in the Roku store
  6. Press OK when it's finished installing.

Install Netflix on Roku From a Computer

If those steps don't work for you for whatever reason, another way to add Netflix to your Roku is through a web browser on a computer. Log in to your Roku account and select Add channel on the Netflix channel page. It'll install to your Roku the next time you use it.

Adding the Netflix channel to your Roku from Roku's website.

How to Sign In & Watch Netflix on Roku

Follow the below steps to learn how to log in to your Netflix account on Roku so you can start streaming your favorite titles. You'll need to subscribe to Netflix if you haven't already (it's easiest to do so from a computer or phone).

  1. Press Home on the remote, and then locate the Netflix channel using the arrows. Or, press the Netflix button on the remote.

  2. Select Sign in from the bottom of the screen.

    The Sign In button highlighted on a Roku.
  3. Scan the QR code with your phone to be taken to a web page. Or, type the URL displayed on the TV into a web browser on your computer or phone.

    The Netflix code and QR code to link your Roku and Netflix account.

    To log in directly from the TV instead, select Sign In with Remote and type your Netflix account email address and password.

  4. Type the code you see on the TV, and then press Continue.

    Netflix 'enter the code displayed on your tv' page
  5. Log in to your Netflix account if asked, and select Start Watching. You'll be logged in on the TV in just a few moments.

    netflix login page

    You can then exit Netflix from your phone or computer; you'll stay logged in on the Roku.

Deleting the Roku App Doesn't Cancel Netflix

If you want to stop paying for Netflix, it might appear as if you can just delete the app or sign out of the Netflix Roku app. While it's true that doing either will stop you from streaming Netflix from your Roku, it doesn't affect your subscription.

Regardless of where you stream from, deleting the app or signing out doesn't do anything but disconnect you from Netflix. Go into your account settings to cancel Netflix.

  • How many people can use Netflix at the same time?

    1 to 4 depending on the account you have. More expensive tiers let you use more screens and devices at once.

  • How to I kick someone off of my Netflix account?

    The easiest way is to remove every device's account access. On the Netflix website: Account > Settings section, you'll see the option: Sign out of all devices. Next, click the blue Sign Out button. Now change your password so no one else can sign back in.

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