How to Watch NASA Live Streams

Watch solar eclipses, space station walks, or live launches all from home

NASA live streams cover everything from groundbreaking launch events, to exciting spacewalks, fascinating phenomena like eclipses, and even persistent live feeds from fantastic locations like the international space station (ISS).

All you need in order to watch these exciting live streams is a compatible device, like a phone or computer, and a high-speed internet connection. You can even watch many NASA live streams on your TV if you have a television streaming device with the right app installed. In some cases, you can even stream NASA events to your TV with a game console like Xbox One or PS4.

How to Watch NASA Live Streams

Watching NASA live streams is easy, and NASA provides space enthusiasts with a ton of different ways to see their favorite events. That means NASA streams on most of the popular streaming sites and services, which can make it difficult to keep up with everything.

If you want to watch a NASA live stream, all you really need is a high-speed internet connection and a device that is capable of accessing live streaming video. You can watch NASA live streams on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or even on your television if you have a television streaming device.

how to stream NASA
You can live stream a ton of different launches and other events from NASA to your phone, tablet, or computer. hocus-focus / E+ / Getty

Since NASA streams on so many different platforms and some streaming platforms are only available on specific devices, your choice of streaming device can lock you out of watching certain events.

The best way to watch NASA live streams, and not miss out on anything, is to use a computer with a web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. You can watch every NASA live stream, on every streaming platform NASA has partnered with if your computer and browser are both up to date.

If you want to watch on your phone, or on a set-top box like a Roku, you will find that some devices don't have apps for certain streaming services. For instance, there is no official YouTube app for Kindle Fire tablets and Fire TV television streaming devices, and there is no official Ustream app for Roku or Amazon Fire devices.

Sources of NASA Live Streams

To help you find all the sources of NASA live streams, and plan which device to stream with, we have assembled a list of all NASA's live streaming partners, including links to websites and apps where available.

If you don't want to miss any upcoming NASA live streams, make sure to download and install the appropriate apps for your device, and register accounts with each streaming service, well in advance of the event that you are interested in.

For a full, up to date schedule of future NASA live streams, and information about where to watch previously recorded streams, check out NASA Live.

How to Watch NASA Live Streams on YouTube

live stream NASA on YouTube
NASA's YouTube channel features a live stream of NASA TV and other content.

YouTube started out as a video sharing site, but it also features a ton of live stream content from regular users, YouTube personalities, and organizations like NASA. This is one of NASA's major live stream platforms, and you can watch on your computer, iOS or Android device, and even television streaming devices like Roku.

The NASA YouTube channel features a live stream feed of NASA TV, which is available 24 hours a day. This channel features pre-recorded content, but it also shows live events like launches and interviews with astronauts in space.

In addition to the live NASA TV feed, NASA's YouTube channel also has archival footage of old launches and other events, so you can go back in time and watch anything you might have missed.

How to Watch NASA Live Streams on Twitch

live stream NASA on Twitch
NASA also streams some events on Twitch, including spacewalks and more.

Twitch is a platform that is primarily known for game live streaming, but it also features a ton of other live content. You can access this source of NASA live streams through the Twitch website, and apps for all major mobile and streaming devices.

NASA fires up its twitch channel on a regular basis to live stream exciting events like spacewalks, in addition to informational programming about the cutting edge of space research.

In addition to regular live streams, the NASA Twitch channel also features archived streams of past events that you can watch whenever you want.

How to Watch NASA Live Streams on Ustream

live stream NASA on Ustream
NASA live streams NASA TV on Ustream 24/7.

Ustream is a streaming platform that has been around almost as long as YouTube. It was bought out by IBM and renamed IBM Cloud Video, but NASA's live streams are still accessible through and apps for iOS and Android.

  • Where to watch
  • Mobile and streaming device appsiOS, Android
  • What you can watch — Live feed of NASA TV, spacewalks, live astronaut interviews from space, launches

NASA uses its Ustream channel to broadcast a live stream of NASA TV in high definition, in addition to specific live events like spacewalks, launches, and interviews.

How to Watch NASA Live Streams on Facebook Live

live stream NASA on Facebook Live
NASA live streams select events, like launches, on Facebook Live.

Facebook Live is Facebook's entry into the world of live streaming, and it allows regular people, companies, and even organizations like NASA to go live at any time. You can access NASA's Facebook live streams through the Facebook website and apps for iOS, Android, and Amazon's line of Fire devices, but there is no Roku app.

NASA uses Facebook Live primarily for exciting live events like launches, but they also post informational videos from time to time. All previous live streams are archived and available through the NASA Facebook page.

How to Watch NASA Live Streams With NASA's Mobile App

NASA app displayed on an iPad
The NASA app allows you to live stream NASA TV and some live events, but it also has a ton of other information.

NASA also has a mobile app that runs on iOS and Android, which allows you to watch a live stream of NASA TV in addition to streams of big events like launches and interesting phenomena like solar eclipses. If you want easy access to NASA TV, then this is a great app to add to your arsenal.

For additional details, and any questions about platform availability and specific live streams, check out the official NASA app site.

Apple TV and Fire TV users can get this app by navigating to the app store with your device and searching for NASA. The official NASA app is not available for other devices, like Xbox One and PS4 game consoles. Third-party developers sometimes provide apps that include NASA live streams, but that content is always available through official sources like NASA's YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Ustream channels.

What Other Space Live Streams Can You Watch?

NASA offers a ton of live stream content across a whole range of different platforms, but space is a really big place, and space-related live streams don't end with NASA.

Here are some great sources for Space live streams that don't come from NASA:

SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic are private companies that have had varying degrees of success in developing and launching their own spacecraft. Live streams of tests and launches for these companies are available through platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

The European Space Agency is NASA's counterpart in Europe, and it live streams launches and other events on and YouTube.

Other space agencies, like the Indian Space Research Organization, the China National Space Administration, and the Russian Federal Space Agency also live stream on a more sporadic basis, but none of them maintain channels on live streaming platforms at this time.

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