Watch the Game of Thrones on Your iPad!

How to Get a Free Month of HBO on Your iPad

Getty Images / Karwai Tang

Did you know you can watch the season premiere of Game of Thrones for free on your iPad? And if you haven't seen seasons 1-4, or you just want to set the mood for season 5, you can access the entire series for free using HBO Now's free trial month.   

We have to hand it to HBO.  While so many TV and movie providers are fighting the streaming revolution, HBO is embracing it.  And why wouldn't they?  Thanks to shows like Game of Thrones, HBO has become the best premium station on the planet.   And it doesn't hurt that they are doing things right by becoming the first premium station to jump on the cut-the-cord bandwagon.   

The sign-up process is amazingly simple.  After you download HBO Now from the app store, you will be greeted with a welcome screen when you launch the app.  Choose to sign up for a new service.  While this is free, it operates like an in-app purchase, so you will need to sign into your iPad just as if you were making a purchase.   After this is complete, you will need to fill out a brief registration form with HBO.  This is essentially your name, email address, the password you want for your account and your zip code.   

There does seem to be a problem with passwords that contain characters other than letters and numbers, so if you are accustomed to using odd symbols in your password, you will want to create something a bit more simple for the HBO Now password.  Hopefully, they'll get this fixed soon.   

And that's it.  You have a free month of HBO available on your iPad.  Just remember to cancel the subscription in the app's settings before the month is over!

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