Ten Ways to Watch Free Videos Online

Where to find movie clips, music videos, funny videos, and much more!

More people are watching free videos on the Web than ever before in history. This list of the best sources on the Web for free multimedia will show you where you can watch free videos, take in the latest movie trailers, or enjoy the best music videos from a huge variety of musical artists, all for free.

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Millions of videos pass collectively through these sites every single day. You can find all sorts of videos at these popular video sites, anything from the latest viral cat video to current movie trailers. More »

Letter to Santa

Many people love to watch holiday movies, specials, and cartoons to get themselves into a festive mood. The Web offers many of the most popular Christmas movies and TV shows online for free. More »

Whether you're looking for a documentary, nature film, or teaching aid, you'll most likely be able to find it online with these sites. More »
Free movie downloads are more common than you think on the Web. You won't find the most recent blockbuster here, but you will find a huge amount of classics, trailers, independent films, documentaries, and more. More »

With the quality of free TV and movie sites, there's no need to pay those hefty cable bills anymore. More »

Add a little variety to your video-watching habits with Stumbleupon, an interesting site that chooses videos randomly for you as you click on their (free) toolbar. More »
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YouTube is one of the oldest and most popular video sites on the Web, with literally millions of videos offered daily throughout the entire world. More »
Did you know that you can watch free online TV channels? Here's a few of the best sites you can watch free TV online. More »

The Internet Movie Databases, also known as IMDB, is a great place to pick up movie, script, trailer, and actor information. More »

Video search engines come in all shapes and sizes, from mammoth to extremely niche. More »