Watch Free TV Online

The best places to watch TV online for free

Watching free TV online is a great way to save some money on cable/satellite and DVDs or even just catch up on your favorite shows that you may have missed.

Most of the websites below are portals to places where you can watch free TV online. The sites don't actually host the TV shows but they gather up all the links and videos to the TV shows you want to watch from all over the rest of the internet. Just think of it as all the hard work being taken care of for you.

The websites below are legal places you can watch free TV online so that you don't need to worry about breaking the law or violating anyone's copyright. Many of them also have free apps so that you can watch your favorite shows on the go.

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Screenshot of the Sony Crackle logo

© Crackle, Inc.

Sony Crackle provides free TV shows, similar to the other websites in this list.

You don't need to sign up with Sony Crackle to view TV episodes, so you can start watching them right away.

Sign up for RSS alerts for any TV show to get updated when new episodes are released.

Some of the free shows we've been able to find at Sony Crackle include 10 Items Or Less, The Art Of More, Chosen, Blue Mountain State, Aim High, and All In The Family.

Picture of the Xfinity logo
© Xfinity

The XFINITY Stream page on Xfinity's website has free TV shows and is a similar service to Hulu.

While a lot of the TV shows here are free, some will require a subscription to Comcast and certain movie channels for you to be able to watch them.

Person of Interest, New Girl, and America's Got Talent are just a few free TV shows that have popped up on Xfinity.

Yidio Logo
© Yidio

Yidio combines several online sources into one place so you can find free TV shows.

While you can grab TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and others, Yidio lets you also filter through and find just the free TV shows.

When you choose a TV show to watch, you can then select Free Sources to only reveal links that take you to free websites. The Flash, Teen Wolf, Awkward, and Arrow are some examples.

There's also a way to filter by channel, such as NBC, PBS, and FOX, among many others.

Screenshot of the Pluto TV website logo
© Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a unique TV streaming website because instead of letting you watch specific TV shows whenever you want, you instead flip through TV channels much like on a regular TV.

Pluto TV has a huge collection of channels so that you can watch live news, sports, and more. There are sections of channels made specifically for comedy like stand-up, gaming like Hive and CNET, entertainment like Crime Network and Classic TV, lifestyle like Food TV and People TV, curiosity like Science TV and NASA TV, and even movies and music.

You can watch Pluto TV videos from your mobile device, smart TV, or computer. If you're using the mobile app, a few TV shows are available on-demand any time you want to watch them, like Flavor of Love, Fear Factor USA, and The Cougar.

However, most of the TV shows you can find at Pluto TV are available through their live channels. See the full channel listing for a complete guide on the kind of TV shows offered by Pluto TV.

Viewster Logo
© Viewster

With categories like Drama, Comedy, and Documentary, Viewster is another free online source for TV shows, and you don't have to log in to a user account to start watching them.

Viewster's videos can be sorted by most recently added, most viewed, and best rated, as well as filtered by language.

Below each of Viewster's TV shows are related videos and more information about the video you're watching, like the cast, director, a description, etc.

Some examples of the free TV shows here include Grand Star, Flash Gordon, and Secrets of the Universe.

Picture of the Popcornflix logo


Popcornflix is another free website that lets you watch TV shows online — there are several dozen currently available.

The Popcornflix website is very easy to navigate, making it quick and easy to read a description of an episode.

You can watch all sorts of shows at Popcornflix, including Great Chefs, Cheaters, Wild Justice, Urban Legends, Just for Laughs, Cheaters, Kathy Griffin, Pop Pranks, The Man Show, America's Dumbest Criminals, Destination Disaster, and Regenesis.

Screenshot of the Retrovision logo

Retrovision is one the best places to go for free classic TV shows.

All the shows are listed on one single page, which makes finding something to watch very easy.

Also, some of the TV shows have all their episodes listed under the one you're watching. This means switching to a new episode can be done in seconds, which is really handy.

Screenshot of the internet archive logo
Internet Archive

A bit different than similar websites, Internet Archive is a collection of recorded videos, such as commercials, government records, old TV shows, and more.

There are thousands of these types of shows at Internet Archive, and some are organized in sub-collections such as Classic TV Commercials.

You're able to browse by the most viewed items, title, and the date that the video was archived.

Most if not all of the TV shows at Internet Archive can also be downloaded to your computer so you can view them offline. Videos are often instantly available as MP4 or another popular format, but also accessible via torrents. logo

Another source for free TV shows is You're unlikely to find full-length series here, but there are definitely full-length episodes of various shows.

Every available TV show is shown a single page, which makes it simple to find what you're looking for. This also means there's no way to filter or sort through the shows except to find the most recently added ones. lets you turn down the lights so videos are easier to see, and you can also share TV shows with others using the share buttons below the video player.

Screenshot of the Tubi TV logo
Tubi TV

Tubi also has free TV shows. Some series you'll find here have lots of episodes that are organized in more than one season, while other shows have just a few episodes in a single season.

When watching a TV show at Tubi, all the available episodes are shown below the video player. This makes finding all of the free episodes much easier than searching for them.

The free shows at Tubi are broken up into categories like Crime TV, Really Real Reality, TV Comedies, TV Dramas, and Action Reality TV.

Screenshot of the logo
CBS Interactive

You can also watch free episodes of your favorite TV shows over at TV Guide.

Many of the full-length shows at TV Guide require a subscription to watch them, but once you choose a show, you can easily read "Free" below the websites that offer them at no cost.

A few examples of free TV shows at TV Guide include The Originals, Criminal Minds, The Flash, Code Black, and Quantico.

YouTube Logo
© YouTube

YouTube may not be your first thought when you think of watching free TV online, but maybe it should be.

YouTube has full episodes of reality, comedy, drama, action, news, travel, food, nature, and sports shows. However, only paid TV shows are categorized into genres; to find free shows on YouTube, you have to do a manual search.

Veoh Logo
© Veoh

Veoh is a website that contains millions of free videos, including TV shows, movies, and music videos.

You can sort the TV shows at Veoh by popularity and language, but keep in mind that there aren't very many full-length episodes currently available. In fact, there are only around 10 series found here, which is much less than is offered at some of the other websites from this list.

There are, however, dozens of TV show clips that you can watch at Veoh.

Watch Free TV Online With Free Trials

Screenshot of the Netflix free trial page

Here are two TV streaming websites that offer free trials of their services:

Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime offers unlimited streaming of TV shows, both in standard and high-definition quality. You can find genres such as comedy, kids and family, romance, and science fiction.

Netflix: Netflix is another online service that offers streaming of any number of TV shows. Search through crime, reality, teen, and fantasy categories among many others.

Your Favorite Network's Website

Picture of a woman laughing and eating popcorn in front of a TV

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash 

If you have a TV show you love and you want to watch it for free because you missed it or maybe you don't get that channel, a great way to catch up on it is to visit the network's website and see if it's available for streaming.

All of the networks below show some full episodes but also clips as well.

Here are some of the popular TV networks out there that have free TV on their websites available for you to view:

  • NBC: NBC does a great job of quickly posting and keeping the free TV shows around so you have plenty of time to watch them. It's even possible for you to catch up on an entire series though the free TV shows they have on their website.
  • ABC: They have full-length videos of the latest episode of every show as well as video clips, highlights, and sneak peeks into all your favorite ABC shows.
  • CBS: At CBS you can watch free TV shows after they've aired on CBS. There are quite a few advertiser interruptions during the streaming video, but you'll know when they're coming because they are clearly marked on the screen.
  • FOX: FOX posts free TV shows for you to watch one day after they've aired on TV but they remain locked so that you can watch them until eight days after they've aired.
  • The CW: The day after the CW television shows air you'll be able to watch them for free at the CW website. For those of you on the go, CW also has an app that lets you watch free TV on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.
  • PBS: PBS has a ton of free TV episodes online including Masterpiece Theater, PBS NewsHour, and Frontline.
  • MTV: MTV has full episodes of all your favorite MTV shows, including clips and after shows.
  • Freeform (ABC Family): The day after the TV shows on Freeform air, they are put online so that you can enjoy them.
  • A&E: Watch full episodes of shows like Bates Motel, Storage Wars, and Dog the Bounty Hunter.