12 Best Free Movie Websites

Stream full-length movies online from these websites for free!

Watching free movies online is a convenient and frugal way to see the films you love right from the comfort of your own home. Yes, there are plenty of sites where you can get movies "for free" but the ones listed below are clean from viruses and completely legal to use.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Crackle

"...best place to watch free movies online because it's owned by Sony Pictures, meaning that they have hundreds of full-length, free movies..."

Best for a Variety of Movies: Popcornflix

"Popcornflix has over 1,500 movies that include comedy, drama, horror, action, romance, family, documentaries, and foreign films."

Best for Finding Movies Around the Web: Yidio

"What sets Yidio apart from the rest is that it's really like a search engine for free movies..."

Best for High-Quality Movies: Vudu

"...some of them are in 1080p, so you don't have to sacrifice quality just to watch some free movies."

Best for Movie Information: IMDb TV

"IMDb is known for its comprehensive database of movie information and trailers, but it also has a selection of free movies and TV shows."

Best for a TV Experience: Pluto TV

"...live TV service that lets you watch movies and TV shows as they become available."

There's a huge variety of freely available movies on these sites, from comedies and dramas to horror and action films. There are movies from big-name studios but also many older and independent movies that you'll love to watch over and over again.

Most of these sites have a mobile app for watching their movies. This means you can take the free films with you wherever you go.

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Galaxy Quest movie stream on Crackle
'Galaxy Quest' Movie.
What We Like
  • Big selection of films

  • Good video quality

  • Lots of video player options

  • Really great mobile app

What We Don't Like
  • Displays more ads than most video streaming sites

  • Can't sort films by popularity

Crackle tops our list for the best place to watch free movies online because it's owned by Sony Pictures, meaning that they have hundreds of full-length films you can watch any time. These are big-name movies with stars you know.

These high-quality movies look spectacular on whatever size of monitor or screen you're watching them on. You'll have to sit through a few commercials every once in a while, but they're short and there are only a few commercial breaks during a feature-length movie.

Trust, Elephant White, Eye See You, War Inc., The Sacrament, Last Days on Mars, We Are the Best!, I'm Still Here, Henry's Crime, and The Face Of An Angel are a few free movies recently added to Crackle.

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Candy free movie stream on Popcornflix
'Candy' Movie.
What We Like
  • All movies play in a large video player

  • Lets you make GIFs from scenes

  • You can make comments that are pinned to specific parts of the movie

  • Includes a movie streaming site just for kids

What We Don't Like
  • No subtitles

  • The video quality could be better

Popcornflix is another great place to watch free movies online. Their constant flow of new movies from Screen Media Ventures means that they have lots of new movies being added all the time.

This site has over 1,500 movies that include comedy, drama, horror, action, romance, family, documentary movies, and foreign films. They also feature web and film school originals.

No account is needed; simply hit Play on your chosen movie and enjoy. It supports resume playback, so you can watch these movies in pieces if you like.

These are just a few of the newest arrivals at Popcornflix: Grand Isle, Manny, Killer Bees, First to the Moon, Lost in the White City, All We Had, and Anything Is Possible.

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Space Jam free movie stream page
'Space Jam' Movie.
What We Like
  • Makes it easy to find free movies on various sites

  • Films can be filtered by genre and MPAA rating

  • You can sort the movies by popularity and recently added

  • Can also be used to see where you can rent or buy a movie

  • Includes Rotten Tomatoes scores

What We Don't Like
  • Incorrectly labels paid movies as free

  • Not all movies are streamed directly from Yidio; you're taken elsewhere to watch them

  • Videos includes several advertisements

  • Movies are DVD quality

Yidio is a website with several categories showing you where you can watch movies. One such category is designed specifically for free online movies.

What sets Yidio apart from the rest is that it's really like a search engine for free movies; it helps you find all the free places to watch movies online.

It's super easy to sort the films by rating like R, PG-13, and G, as well as by genre. Some examples of the genres include Animation, Classics, Musical, Special Interest, Family, Indie, Suspense, TV Movie, and Western. 

Here are some newly added free movies we spotted the last time we visited: Lowdown Dirty Criminals, Bully the Dead Don't Die, Infection, Last Ferry, Got My Hustle Up, and Touch Me Not.

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Mr. Church free movie stream on YouTube
'Mr. Church' Movie.
What We Like
  • Some free movies are hosted on official YouTube channels

  • Movies are rated by viewers

  • Viewers can leave comments below movies

What We Don't Like
  • It's hard to find every free movie

  • Most free movies are not in HD

  • It's common for movies to be taken down without notice

YouTube isn't just the place to go to watch videos of skateboarding dogs or the latest movie trailers. They also have movies you can rent but more importantly, movies that you can watch for free.

New and popular movies are easily accessible from the Movies & Shows section of YouTube. You can also browse through different genres and, of course, free movies that you can watch right now at no cost.

At our last visit to YouTube, we were able to watch titles like The Mask, Requiem for the American Dream, Zookeeper, Rebound, Missing 411, 10,000 B.C., Black Knight, Letters to God, and Igor.

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The Hunger Games free stream on Tubi
'The Hunger Games' Movie.
What We Like
  • Has high quality, popular movies

  • Lots of genres (like "Not on Netflix")

  • Subtitles can be enabled for most movies

  • Has a section just for kids

What We Don't Like
  • Ads are shown throughout the movies

  • Doesn't separate movies from shows

Tubi has thousands of free movies and TV shows that you can stream right now. Some of them can only be rented and not viewed for free, but many of them are absolutely free to stream.

There are dozens of genres you can pick from, including regular ones for romance, drama, documentary, kids, comedy, and horror films, as well as unique genres like Holiday Movies, Home & Garden, Preschool, and Sword & Sorcery.

The films can also be viewed by the Featured, New Releases, Movie Night, Trending Now, Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes, Only Free on Tubi, Leaving Soon, and Not on Netflix sections.

Some examples of movies we've seen here include Tarzan, I Robot, Divergent, Little Giants, The Butterfly Effect, Full Metal Jacket, Click, The Legend of Hercules, Blow, and Eight Legged Freaks.

Tubi Kids is a section of this site perfect for streaming just kid-related films. It's available at the top of the regular site.

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Solace free stream on Vudu
'Solace' Movie.
What We Like
  • Lots of high quality movies

  • Most movies are popular and well known

  • Films can be filtered and sorted in a number of ways

  • You can also buy and rent movies

What We Don't Like
  • Not everything is free to watch

  • All free movies display ads

  • You must log in

Vudu might not be your first pick when looking for free sites for streaming movies but there are in fact thousands of movies here that you can watch right now. All you have to do is put up with a few commercials.

A few of this website's newest additions include Surf Party, Bad Girl, Storm Warning, The Gathering, Quit, Django Unchained, Filth, Silver Linings Playbook, Erased, The Wrong Car, The Good Neighbor, and Everly.

One great thing about Vudu's movies is that some of them are in 1080p, so you don't have to sacrifice quality just to watch some free movies.

You can use the New page to see which free movies were most recently included in their collection. There's also a genre section for some other ways to find films in categories like Kids & Family, Romance, Westerns, Crime & Thrillers, Classics, and History. You can also filter by studio, rating, and other criteria.

Once you settle on something to watch, you might be given the option to buy or rent it, but so long as you found it through the Free page, there will be a free button you can use to stream the movie without paying. Of course, you could also pay for movies at Vudu, too.

You do need a user account in order to watch movies at Vudu, even the ones that don't cost, but registration is totally free.

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The Roku Channel

The Age of Adaline free movie on The Roku Channel
'The Age of Adaline' Movie.
What We Like
  • Provides high quality movies

  • Includes newer movies

  • Works on computers, mobile devices, and TVs

  • Offers customizable captions

  • No user account necessary

What We Don't Like
  • Includes ads

  • Might not work in most countries

  • No mobile app (there is a mobile website)

Free movies are also available from The Roku Channel. If you have a Roku TV or streaming player, you can add The Roku Channel to your device, but even if you don't have one, you can still stream all the movies free to your computer or mobile device.

There are some ads in these movies, but the trade-off is really high-quality videos and well-known movies. There's a countdown for titles about to be removed, so you can plan accordingly.

Here are some examples of movies we've been able to watch on The Roku Channel: The Wolf of Wall Street, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Devil Wears Prada, Ghost, Inception, Lady Jane, The Pursuit of Happyness, Donnie Darko, Look Who's Talking, The Imitation Game, Dinner for Schmucks, and Almost Famous.

There's also live TV and free TV shows.

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Home Again free stream on IMDb
'Home Again' Movie.
What We Like
  • Uncluttered video player.

  • Free movies and TV shows.

  • Browsing for movies is easy.

  • Includes original videos.

What We Don't Like
  • User account required.

  • Several in-video ads; most are long.

IMDb is known for its comprehensive database of movie information and trailers, but it also has a selection of free movies and TV shows. You can browse them by recently added, most popular, IMDb Originals, top-rated movies, and genre.

The video player lets you turn on subtitles, adjust the way the subtitles show up on the screen, change the video quality, and go into full screen mode.

Some examples of the newer free selections and popular films include Rio 2, Super 8, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, 13 Hours, Annie, Blue Valentine, Black Swan, and Legion.

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Pluto TV

Nick of Time free stream on Pluto TV
'Nick of Time' Movie.
What We Like
  • Has the same feel as a TV's channel guide

  • You can view what will be on later in the day

  • Lets you start the movie from an earlier time or watch it live

  • Includes thousands of on-demand movies

  • Streams TV shows, news, music, and more

What We Don't Like
  • Has only a dozen or so channels for just movies

  • Live-streamed movies can't be watched again on demand

Pluto TV works in two ways, as both an on-demand movie streaming website where you can pick from a list of films, as well as a live TV service that lets you watch movies and TV shows as they become available.

You can watch live TV and movies from your web browser through the Pluto.tv/live-tv page or through the mobile or desktop app by downloading the appropriate software. Among several other devices, Pluto TV is available as an app for iOS and an Android app.

Find comedy, drama, action, horror, and other movie types here, both on-demand and live. If you're streaming live TV, the movie channels include 57, 60, 70, 100, and more; others have more like live sports, music, and news.

Just a few examples of the thousands of on-demand movies here include Scary Movie, Joy Ride, The Simone Biles Story: Courage to Soar, Face/Off, Noah, Riding in Cars With Boys, and Predestination.

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Imperium free movie on Peacock
'Imperium' Movie.
What We Like
  • Has unique films.

  • It's easy to see what's not free.

  • Categorizes movies into fun sections.

  • Includes captions.

What We Don't Like
  • Some titles aren't free.

  • Few traditional genres to choose from.

  • Must make a user account to watch even the free movies.

From NBCUniversal is this service that has thousands of hours of movies and TV shows, some that are originals that you won't find on any of these other sites. Movies are from studios like Universal, DreamWorks Animation, and Focus Features.

We've seen films organized in categories such as The Bill Murray Collection, Hidden Gems, Written by Women, Cult Corner, and Dynamic Duos, among several others. This is a fun way to find movies through a new lens, but there's also an A-Z list of everything they offer.

Some free movies we found here include I Am Legend, Apollo 13, Leprechaun, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, The Town, The Breakfast Club, The Place Beyond the Pines, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Notting Hill, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

You can pay for Peacock if you want more features like access to additional titles and ad-free videos. The movies that cost have a purple feather in the corner of the thumbnail to make it easy to distinguish from the free ones.

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Internet Archive Movie Archive

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea free movie at Internet Archive Movie Archive
'20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' Movie.
What We Like
  • Has a much wider variety of films than similar sites

  • Most videos can be downloaded, too

  • Movies can be sorted by view, title, date archived, and creator

What We Don't Like
  • Movies can be hard to find among all the other content on this website

  • Films with nudity are not separated from the others

  • Doesn't include modern blockbusters

Internet Archive Movie Archive is another place you can go to find free movies online that all fall under public domain so they are free to watch and download.

You'll find videos in nearly every year imaginable, from 2021 back through the 1900s.

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Kanopy free movies listing
What We Like
  • Includes thousands of free videos

  • Adds new movies often

  • No ads display within the movies

What We Don't Like
  • Must have a supported library card to watch the free movies

Kanopy is different from these other free movie streaming websites because you need a library card at a supporting library before you can watch anything. However, there are zero commercials in the movies, and new films are added every month.

Use the signup page to search for your library, whether it's a public library or one attached to a school. Once you've been approved, you can start watching the movies they have on their website.

Kanopy has thousands of movies, listed in full here. There's an entirely separate section for kids movies.

A few of the more popular movies here include The Big Short, The Mask You Live In, The Man Who Invented Christmas, The Bookshop, What We Do In The Shadows, Boy, and Memento.

Other Ways to Get Free Movies

Streaming movies from the sites above is just one method of getting free movies. You can also download movies for free so that they're yours to keep forever and use however you wish, even without an internet connection.

If you don't find the movie you're looking for, be sure to check out how to get free movies from Redbox.

If you subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, which are not free, we have all the details on sharing your account with family and friends.

Torrent sites are also a common place to find free movie downloads, but please remember that most movie torrents are provided illegally. You're much better off sticking to legal movie streaming sites like the ones listed above, but if you do venture elsewhere, be sure to learn how to spot an illegal movie site.

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