12 Best Sites With Free Educational Movies

Educational movies, lectures, and documentaries for home or classroom

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Whether you're an educator looking for great multimedia to explain a new concept, a parent supplementing your child's education, or just an aspiring autodidact seeking knowledge, this list of resources for educational movies will help you find what you're looking for. From science to humanities, you'll be able to discover something here.

Best Educational Movie Sites

  1. National Geographic Video: Many video shorts of Natl. Geographic programs can be found here.
  2. University Videos: Free video lectures from a large list of universities.
  3. PBS Nova: Watch entire NOVA episodes online; divided into chapters.
  4. Prelinger Archives: Over 4000 movies of historical significance.
  5. Edutopia: From George Lucas; a great collection of highly eclectic educational resources.
  6. Free Science Videos: General science, as well as computer science videos, can be found here.
  7. Mashable's How-To Videos: Mashable's list of the best places to find how-to videos; not all of these are necessarily educational, but definitely interesting.
  8. ScienceHack: A science-video-specific search engine.
  9. Free Lectures Online: Huge list of online lectures; over 15,000 results at the time of this writing.
  10. PBS Frontline: Most of PBS Frontline's broadcasts can be watched in their entirety online.
  11. Jacob Richman's Language Videos: A whole video series on learning English, Hebrew, and Spanish.
  12. Annenberg Media: Most videos here are available for free viewing online; just look for the free view icon (it looks like a little TV).