How to Watch Facebook Video on Your Apple TV

Use the Facebook Video app or stream with AirPlay

Like many social networks, Facebook wants to play a role in your video-sharing life. Currently, there are two ways you can watch Facebook videos on your Apple TV—by downloading the Facebook Video app on your Apple TV or by streaming the video from your iPhone or iPad using AirPlay.

Why Facebook Is Focused on Video

Social video has grown dramatically. Cisco claims that soon, video will account for around 80 percent of global internet traffic with nearly a million minutes of video shared every second of the day.

Man sitting in chair in front of a semi circle of video monitors
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Facebook’s entire business is based on engagement, and to remain relevant in this heavily video-focused future, it wants to provide a route to the kind of video experiences people seek.

Downloading the Facebook Video App

To download the Facebook Video app for Apple TV:

  1. Go to the Apple TV app store on the Apple TV.

  2. Select the Facebook Video app to download it.

  3. Select the Facebook Video app, then select Log In with Facebook.

  4. On your iOS device or computer, go to Facebook and open the notification. If you don't see it, go to

  5. On your computer or iOS device, enter the code that appears on your Apple TV screen into the field.

Stream Facebook Videos to Apple TV Using Facebook Video app

As long as your iPhone or iPad is on the same network as your TV, you can use the Facebook Video app to watch videos on the Apple TV. After you download the app and log in:

  1. Locate a video in your news feed on your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Tap the video to expand it to full-screen mode.

  3. Tap the TV icon.

  4. Choose the device you want to stream the video to—in this case, the Apple TV.

Watch Facebook Video on Apple TV Using iOS Screen Sharing

You don't have to have the Facebook Video app to stream Facebook videos on your Apple TV from your iPhone or iPad. You can use AirPlay instead. Just:

  1. Turn on the Apple TV.

  2. Go to the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad.

  3. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center.

  4. Tap the Screen Mirroring button.

  5. Tap Apple TV from the screen that opens.

  6. Your Facebook screen displays on the TV.

  7. Scroll to a video in your news feed and tap on it to open it in its own screen. It will start playing automatically on the Apple TV.

  8. To expand the video to full-screen, tap the full-screen icon at the top of the screen on your iOS device.

  9. Tap the video one time on your iOS device as it plays to bring up the familiar video controls at the bottom of the screen along with other controls. You can pause and restart the video, rewind, and see how long the video lasts.

  10. When you are finished with the video, tap the X in the upper left corner of the iPhone or iPad screen to return to the Facebook news feed and scroll to additional videos.

  11. When you are finished watching Facebook videos, you can stop streaming to your Apple TV in two ways:

    • Tap the last video you watched to bring up the controls at the bottom of the screen, tap the TV screen icon, then tap your iOS device (or any device other than Apple TV).
    • Open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, tap the Screen Mirroring icon, then tap Stop Mirroring.