50 YouTube Links to Watch Christmas Movies Online for Free

It's Time to Get Cozy and Festive With Your Internet Machine!

Young Boy Watching Laptop with Christmas Tree Background
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Ah, Christmas. It's that time of year again when it's far too dark and cold out to do anything but curl up with some hot chocolate or eggnog and settle in to watch Christmas movies online—for free, if possible.

That's right! You don't necessarily need to have a fancy 500-channel cable package or a convenient Netflix subscription to get swept away in magical holiday goodness that only the best and most classic movies can bring you.

You just need to know where to look online for the ones that are freely available to watch. YouTube could be a good place to start. All you need to do is plug in the title of the movie you'd like to watch and see what comes up.

While you may be able to come across some great ones, bear in mind that some of these movies could be pulled down any time due to copyright violation. People upload television show episodes, movies and all sorts of other stolen content to YouTube all the time, and while that may be convenient for us viewers, that doesn't mean that they're not breaking the rules.

But hey, it's Christmas (almost), so in the spirit of giving, here are a few YouTube links you'll want to check out right away for some of your favorite movies. Enjoy!

The Muppet Christmas Carol - Lots of ads and the aspect ratio is off center, but you gotta love this 1992 classic.

A Christmas Carol (1984) - The full film from 1984 originally based on the book by Charles Dickens.

A Christmas Carol (1951) - The older version of A Christmas Carol, also known as "Scrooge" in black and white from 1951.

Ernest Saves Christmas - Every 80s and 90s kid who grew up loving this guy's comedic shows will remember this 1989 Christmas firm.

Christmas with the Kranks - Tim Allen in a Christmas movie? Well, of course. Have a good laugh while you watch this 2004 holiday comedy.

On the Second Day of Christmas - This 1997 comedy/drama starring Mark Ruffalo is just waiting to pass the 3 million mark on YouTube.

Surviving Christmas - You can enjoy watching Ben Affleck and Christina Applegate in this holiday-themed romantic comedy.

A Royal Christmas - This is one of the better picture quality movies out there in YouTube land, and is worth watching if you love Hallmark romantic comedies.

Snowglobe - This 2007 ABC Family movie will take you on a magical trip inside a snowglobe where everything is Christmas!

The Man in the Santa Claus Suit - If you're a fan of older classic movies, you'll love this 1979 holiday drama.

Christmas Every Day - Based on the 1982 short story, this is an ABC Family holiday film that aired in 1996.

A Princess for Christmas - For the fairy tale lovers out there, this 2011 family comedy/drama might add a little extra magic to your holidays.

Christmas Town - A town that's all about Christmas? Yup. You'll find it in this 2008 movie.

The Christmas Secret - A movie all about finding out whether reindeer can actually fly could make it the perfect fantasy film this time of year.

The Ultimate Christmas Present - If you ever wondered it would be like to experience an epic snow day, this family movie will show you!

Santa Jr. - What happens when Father Christmas's son tries to follow in his footsteps? Find out by watching this 2002 comedy.

The Christmas List - Find out what happens to one woman in this movie after she writes out her list of wishes.

The Santa Claus 2 - This popular movie could be pulled from YouTube any time now! The first one isn't available on YouTube, so enjoy the second and third movies while you can.

The Santa Claus 3 - Likewise, watch this one on YouTube while it's still available!

Bad Santa - This popular and beloved 2003 title features Billy Bob Thornton, Bernie Mac and Lauren Graham in a "bad" Christmas movie!

Moonlight & Mistletoe - Another family-friendly movie featuring a town that's all decked out for Christmas, this one stars Tom Arnold and Candace Cameron Bure.

A Mom for Christmas - The picture on this one isn't great, but if you love heartwarming holiday movies from the early 90s, you'll still love it!

All I Want for Christmas - A 1991 holiday special to enjoy.

A Diva's Christmas Carol - How many versions of a Christmas Carol can there be? Add this one to the list!

Miracle on 34th Street (1973) - Although it's not the original, this movie is still as magical as ever!

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - This family-friendly movie features Dylan/Cole Sprouse (playing the same kid role of course) in a story about Santa trying to steal his mother and replace his father.

The Christmas Gift - How would you react if you ended up in a town where everyone believes in Santa Claus? This 1986 movie starring John Denver tells the story.

Richie Rich's Christmas Wish - Remember that Richie Rich character from the 90s? Well, here's his Christmas movie.

A Smokey Mountain Christmas - This one is a classic from 1986. Gotta love Dolly Parton.

A Town Without Christmas - The first movie of a Christmas trilogy, from 2001.

Finding John Christmas - If you liked the previous movie, then you can watch the second movie in this trilogy.

When Angels Come to Town - Lastly, here's the third movie that's part of the trilogy mentioned in the previous two movies above.

The Christmas Tree - This is a rare TV Christmas movie from 1996 with a beautiful story that could make you tear up a bit!

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear - This is a TV movie starring Mickey Rooney in 1984.

It Nearly Wasn't Christmas - In this 1989 TV movie, Santa Claus decides to just quit Christmas and ends up on an adventure with a little girl.

Karroll's Christmas - How could someone hate Christmas so much? Find out in this 2004 comedy.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Everyone can remember this whimsical 1964 classic! It plays on TV all the time, but you can watch the full version on YouTube here.

Twice Upon a Christmas - Did you know that Santa Claus had a daughter named Rudolpha? Well, at least in this movie he did!

Christmas Caper - Christmas tends to bring out the best of people, even when they're at their most wicked. Here's a 2007 TV comedy that does just that.

A Christmas Wedding - See what happens when the main character attends a wedding on Christmas Eve in this romantic comedy.

Christmas in the City - A mother and daughter go to the big city to make some extra money for the holidays in this romantic comedy/drama.

Christmas in Boston - A lovely little holiday story about two penpals who have been writing to each other for years.

Must Be Santa - A Santa replacement is needed in this 1999 holiday movie.

A Wish for Christmas - Another adorable Hallmark holiday flick for you.

The Christmas Card - Starring Ed Asner, this is a heartwarming story about a US soldier whose adventure starts with a Christmas card.

Snow Bride - Although kind of corny, this is still an enjoyable family comedy of a tabloid reporter who tries to get the scoop on a potential high-profile marriage proposal.

A Cookie Cutter Christmas - Watch this romantic Hallmark film that tells the story of a couple of schoolteachers competing to win in a holiday baking contest.

A Golden Christmas - This romantic comedy is the perfect family flick with lots of puppy love in it to enjoy.

A Star for Christmas - Another romantic comedy that's cheesy, funny, adorable, and so many other things — all wrapped into one good holiday movie.

The Nine Lives of Christmas - Originally based on the book, this Christmas movie is a must-watch for cat lovers!

Believe it or not, there are lots more Christmas movies out there on YouTube, and new ones are being uploaded all the time. Some of the more popular movie titles are also available to watch (in high quality) on YouTube for a viewing fee.

For now, these free movies should keep you busy until next season! Happy Holidays!