How to Watch Apple TV+ on a Roku

Apple's new streaming service is not just for your iPhone and iPad

Apple TV+ is Apple's premium streaming content service that's available on Roku, as well as other streaming devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles computers and mobile devices. You can watch Apple TV+ on almost any Roku media player or Roku TV. To do that, you need to install the Apple TV Roku channel app using the Roku remote.

The Apple TV app contains, among other streaming services, the Apple TV+ streaming service.

Find Out If Apple TV Can be Installed on Your Roku

While Apple TV is available on most Roku media players, some older models aren't able to run the streaming app because they're not fast or modern enough to support Apple's new channel.

How do you know if your Roku can use the Apple TV app? The easiest way to find out is to actually try to install it. If it's compatible, you'll see the Apple TV app in the list of available channels; if it's not compatible, you won't see it there. This prevents you from trying to install an incompatible app on an older Roku device.

Alternatively, you can compare your Roku's model number to the list of compatible devices on the Roku support page. To be clear, this is almost certainly unnecessary. But if you want to check, here's how to find your Roku model number:

  1. Press the Home button your Roku remote. 

  2. Using your Roku remote, choose Settings.

  3. Select System.

  4. Select About. You should see your model number listed on this page. Compare the model number to the list on Roku's support page.

    The Roku System Info page showing your model number and serial number.

How to Install the Apple TV App on a Roku 

Start by looking for Apple TV in the list of installed apps on your Roku's home screen. If the Apple TV app isn't already installed and in the channel list on your Roku, you'll need to install it.

  1. Press the Home button your Roku remote. 

  2. Using your Roku remote, choose Search.

  3. Search for Apple.

  4. When you see Apple TV appear in the results, select it.

    The Roku Search page showing search results for "app."
  5. Select Add Channel. You might need to enter your Roku security code before the channel will download.

  6. After the app is installed, select OK.

  7. Press Home.

  8. The app is now installed. Find Apple TV in your list of installed channels and select it.

    The Roku Home page showing the Apple TV channel app installed with Netflix, Hulu, and others.

When Apple TV app starts, you should log in (if you already have an account) or follow the directions to start your subscription. Apple TV+ service costs $5 per month after your initial seven-day trial (though you might qualify for a free one year of service if you have purchased a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Macintosh). 

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