Waste Some Time With the Powder Game

Screenshot of the free online game called Powder Game
Powder Game. © Dan-Ball

Powder Game is a physics-based time waster game that's very similar to the game Falling Sand but it incorporates wind into the mix. You add different elements to the screen and see what impact these elements have on each other.

You can spend hours creating a masterpiece or just playing around to see what happens next.

How to Play the Powder Game:

Visit the Powder Game and select a tool from the tools menu under the Powder Game game screen. There are items you can add to the screen such as powder, water, fire, ants, seeds, and more. There are also different tools that when used will effect the other items on your screen such as torch, wind, and air.

Click on the area of the Powder Game screen where you want to apply one of the effects. Keep adding effects to see what happens on the screen. The best way to learn how to play the Powder Game is really just to play around with the effects until you get the look you want.

Powder Game Tip: You can also use your right mouse button to select tools and then use the right mouse button to add it to the screen. It helps if you have to make some quick changes.

Powder Game Cheats:

CheatBook has a great selection of Powder Game cheats that will tell you which cheat codes to use so you can get an ultra laser, cause a nitro explosion, get extra elements, and much more.

What I Think About the Powder Game:

Powder Game may be considered pretty old-school but it's a lot of fun and something can be said for a game like this that is still being played today. I really enjoy Powder Game although if I want to play this type of game I'd probably go for Falling Sand.