WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos Cheats Codes & Hints for PC

God Mode, Faster Building, Gold, Lumber, Resources, Hints and More

Warcraft computer game

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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is the third video game in the Warcraft fantasy video game series. Here you can find cheats for the PC version of the game. During gameplay press ENTER to get the message box and put in a code below then press ENTER again to activate: codes are in bolded text.

Note: The following cheat codes can also be used in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Collector's Edition and Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Exclusive Gift Set Edition.

  • Fast Build: WarpTen
  • Fast Death: IocainePowder
  • God Mode: WhosYourDaddy
  • Gold: KeyserSoze [amount] (example: 'keysersoze 50000' will give you 50000 gold) Note: Default is 500.
  • Lumber: LeafItToMe [amount] Note - Default is 500.
  • Resource: GreedIsGood [amount] Note - Default is 500.
  • Food: PointBreak
  • Mana: ThereIsNoSpoon
  • Cool Down: TheDudeAbides
  • No Defeat: StrengthAndHonor
  • No Victory: ItVexesMe
  • Research: WhoIsJohnGalt
  • Show Map: ISeeDeadPeople
  • Tech Tree: Synergy
  • Dawn: RiseAndShine
  • Dusk: LightsOut
  • Time of Day: DaylightSavings [hour] (example: 'daylightsavings 12' will set time to 12 noon) Note: The cheat without any numbers halts day/night progression as a toggle.
  • Upgrade: SharpAndShiny

Kill Animals

Keep clicking the mouse over the animals and they will eventually explode. The explosion will not hurt anyone else.

Ending Bonus Video

Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting to see a 20 second clip of StarCraft 2 running under the WarCraft 3 engine.

Find the Enemy Without Cheating

If you think you beat the level but it will not let you it's most likely there is one more thing out there. if you press Tab on the keyboard the map will turn black and the enemy will turn their color. Therefore it will be easy to spot the enemy.

Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos cheat codes submitted by James P, UK.